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With manufactures producing new models’ week in week out, you may likely have old phones collecting dust a drawer somewhere. If that’s the case, it’s time to start emptying the drawers because there are a lot more you can do with them than letting them gather dust in a drawer. You can repurpose it as a security camera, alarm clock, and more. Besides, you can reuse or resell it to get a few bucks.

Rather than trashing them, below are five things to do with old cell phones.

Repurpose it

If the phone is an older smartphone, there are various projects you can do with it. You can download relevant mobile applications and turn them into a dedicated media player for use in your car. If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, you can turn it into a dedicated alarm clock. These are simple projects that do not require hacking. However, you can get more functionality when you hack your phone.

Reactivate it

If the phone is still in good condition and working correctly, you can activate it for yourself, a family member or a relative. If you have an eligible device, visit tech shops and have your phone reactivated. It is not wrong to keep a spare, inactivated phone as a backup just in case something happens to your current phone.

Sell it

If it’s not obsolete, you can sell your old mobile phone to Mobile Monster or one of the other user device middleman services. If you choose to take the work yourself, there are various online platforms you can use, such as eBay, craigslist. The benefit of this is you get to keep all the proceeds of your sale instead of a cut. Whether the hassle is worth the extra money is your choice to take.

Give it away

If your phone has life in it and your family or relatives are okay with their phones, consider donating it to a charity. There are various charity programs in cities and online that you can research and follow the required steps to donate. You can also check with shelters around you to see if they’d like to take the device off your hands.

Recycle it

If your phone is utterly obsolete, none of the above solutions will work for you. You’ll have to dispose of it. However, the trash isn’t the correct place. The phone will need to be recycled. It is important to note there are many electronic “recyclers” that prey on your good intentions. The best thing to do is to consult the electronics donation and recycling page in your country to find what recycling options are available.


Old phones can serve a higher purpose. You can even make an impact on someone’s life when you donate it. If you sell your old mobile phone to Mobile Monster, you can also get some extra cash for other daily needs. Recycling can quickly help protect the environment. If you have an old phone, consider doing the things mentioned above.

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