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After practicing an intense activity like yoga, there are chances that some of your tendon fibers or muscle tear slightly or get injured. You might not notice it if you do yoga regularly and practice posture incorrectly you are more likely to get major injuries. The foods you choose to eat after yoga class are as important as what you eat before the class, so it is crucial to think about what you should eat to help your body recover.

What To Eat After Yoga Practice

Here is the list of 3 major nutrients that you should include in your snacks and meals and have after your yoga class.


It is good to have fruits after any yoga practice as it contains electrolytes, vitamins and water that hydrates and nurtures the body as well as carbohydrates present in it help the body to replenish. The main ingredient here is carbohydrates because it will refuel your muscles and maintain the healthy nervous system and active brain too. For example, for low intensity activity or yoga daily carb intake should be 3 to 5g/kg of body weight, for moderate 5 to 7g per kg of body weight, and for high intensity yoga (1 to 3 hours)  6 to 10g per kg of body weight.

Muscle Fuel

Muscles are made of protein and it is better to include some protein in your menu of post-yoga to help the muscles to build and recover. That doesn’t mean that you should go for a whey isolate protein supplement or a protein bar as such supplements contain preservatives, extra sugar and much more. Even if you still want to purchase it then choose the best whey protein isolate as quality whey protein isolate doesn’t harm the health or opt for a natural source of proteins such as nuts, pulses, and grains.

Consuming natural sources of protein will help your muscles to recover faster and become stronger. However, you don’t have to overdo the protein. Your body only needs about 10-20 grams of protein to fuel the muscles after a workout.


Instead of spending money on commercial sports drinks go for water and fruit. As commercial drinks don’t contain the right amount of electrolyte and have lots of sugar. Whereas water and fruits give you the proper amount of glucose and electrolyte.

Right Time to Eat After Yoga Practice

Eating within the first 2 hours of the practice can have a positive impact on your next practice. As during this time your body is more receptive to receiving these nutrients. When you replenish the body with the carbs, protein and nutrients that the body needs within this time you are giving your body the proper nutrition and helping it heal and recover quickly.

Conclusion: So, make sure you replace the liquids that you have lost and don’t forget to eat something healthy and protein-rich to refill your energy. Carry a pack of nuts, banana or healthy snacks that will help you to restore, recover and take care of your body immediately after the practice.

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