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The expense of a new boiler is a topic that most Dublin residents would prefer to avoid. Nevertheless, if your existing boiler leaves much to be desired, you will need to find a replacement.

This circumstance is going to raise a number of issues. What is the cost of a new boiler? How much does it cost to install a boiler? What is the typical cost of boiler replacement in Dublin?

You need not go any farther for solutions to these and other issues; we have you covered. This post will lead you through everything you need to know about the price of a new boiler, as well as how to save money in the process.

What is the cost of replacing a boiler?

The price of a new boiler depends on various variables, including:

  • The sort of heating system you intend to install
  • The manufacturer of your choice will
  • The kind of model you desire
  • The sort of fuel your new boiler will utilise.

Moreover, because a gas boiler must be installed by a Gas Safe-registered heating expert, installation expenses must also be considered. Let’s take a deep dive into these variables to determine the price of a new boiler in Dublin.

Costs of various types of new boilers

The price of replacing a boiler depends greatly on the type of boiler you desire to install. There are various varieties of boilers available on the market, including the conventional boiler, the combi boiler, and the system boiler.

Each boiler has its own set of benefits and price range. For instance, the replacement cost of a combi boiler differs from that of a system boiler. When settling on a brand-new boiler, it is essential to bear these distinctions in mind.

Let’s examine each type of boiler and see how they differ.

The cost of a new combi boiler

A combi boiler typically costs between €511 and €2,111. Please note that this does not include the price of installing a combi boiler. If you want your new boiler to be installed, you will have to pay between €1,611 and €3,511 in additional expenses.

How much precisely does a new combi boiler cost? This varies on a number of variables, including the manufacturer, model, and fuel type. Typically, you pay a premium for improved performance and a longer warranty duration. The size of your home and the amount of energy it uses are other significant factors.

Additionally, you must evaluate the particular boiler replacement circumstance. For example,

Situation regarding boiler replacement and estimated cost

  • Replace an old combi boiler in the same location with a new one for €1,711
  • Replace a system boiler with a new combination boiler, including the removal of the hot water cylinder. €2,511
  • Replace a conventional boiler with a modern combination boiler, including hot water storage and removal of the cold water tank. 3,511

Obtaining multiple quotations from heating specialists in your area is a great strategy to reduce the cost of boiler replacement. They will provide you with precise bids for the necessary work, and you may choose the best price and solution.

Click the link below to compare up to three quotations from local boiler installers and replace your boiler for less. There is no commitment to accept any of the quotes you get, and the service is absolutely free.

Cost associated with replacing a traditional boiler with a combi boiler.

A conventional boiler is a well-known, conventional heating appliance. In certain circumstances, though, it may be worthwhile to replace your traditional boiler with a brand-new combi boiler. While this is certainly feasible, you should consider the following additional expenses:

  • The average cost of removing the hot water storage tank is between €111 and €151.
  • The average cost of removing the feed tank (€211 to €311)

Although the increased expense of replacing a traditional boiler with a combi boiler may appear overwhelming at first, the investment is typically beneficial. A combi boiler offers several advantages, including greater efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements, and a far more compact design. After removing the large water tanks, you may even convert the attic.

You should expect to pay between €1,911 and €3,951 for your new boiler if you combine the standard cost of a boiler replacement with these additional expenses. The overall price of a new combi boiler, installation, and replacement is around €3,511 to €7,451.

boiler system price

The price range for a new system boiler is between €511 and €2,511. Additionally, you may be required to pay between €1,611 and €3,511 for the installation of your system boiler.

To determine the actual cost of a system boiler replacement, we must also consider a number of other variables. The brand, type, and fuel have a significant influence, but the size of your home, the energy requirements of your home, the boiler’s performance, and the length of its guarantee also affect the price.

Price of a conventional boiler

The conventional boiler, also known as a normal boiler, is the oldest of the three heating system types discussed in this article. As in prior instances, installation and fittings expenses may add between €1,611 and €3,511 to the unit price of a typical boiler. The standard boiler unit would cost between €511 and €2,751.

Similar to combi and system boilers, brand, model, power, and duration of warranty can affect the price of a normal boiler. For example, if you own a large home with seven bedrooms, you need a strong boiler. As a general rule, the larger the home, the larger (more powerful) the boiler must be.

New boiler costs: a listing of the finest manufacturers

While the kind of boiler you pick has a significant role in deciding the cost of replacing your boiler, the manufacturer you choose is also significant. We’ve identified the leading boiler manufacturers and the prices they charge for new boilers.

Prices and Brands of Combi Boilers

  • Alpha €691-€1,133
  • Baxi €549-€1,317
  • Ideal €714-€1,323
  • €731 – €2,475 Worcester Bosch
  • €917-€1,713 Vaillant
  • €811-€1,611 Viessmann

Therefore, the price of a new boiler from one of these brands is likely to range between €711 and €2,111. However, they are available for as cheap as €551.

Expenses for brand-new boiler models

Several home appliances are available in numerous variants. Boilers are no exception, since they come in many varieties and price ranges. Let’s take a deeper look at the pricing structure.

Types of Boilers and Approximate Prices

  • Budget models range from €511 to €911 for a combi boiler, €511 to €911 for a system boiler, and €511 to €911 for a conventional boiler.
  • Mid-range models €911 to €1,211 for a combi boiler; €911 to €1,311 for a system boiler; and €911 to €1,311 for a conventional boiler.
  • Exemplars of high calibre €1,111 to €2,111 for a combi boiler; €1,311 to €2,111 for a system boiler; and €1,311 to €2,751 for a conventional boiler.

Please note that these prices do not account for installation fees. Boiler replacement costs in Dublin are always contingent on the specifics of your situation and requirements.

The cost of installing a new boiler is impacted by the fuel type used by the new boiler. We shall concentrate on the most prevalent fuel kinds in Dublin:

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • electricity

Below, we will examine each in further detail.

the price of a new gas boiler

In and around Dublin, gas-fueled boilers are the most prevalent. These boilers may be combi, system, or conventional. A new gas boiler costs between €1,111 and €3,751 on average, installation included. However, costs might reach up to and over €4,111.

Gas boiler operating expenses are a further factor to consider. Considering the steep increase in fuel costs in April 2122 and the average household’s heat consumption, the annual cost of operating a gas boiler may be roughly €984.

If you want an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to replace your gas boiler, obtaining free, no-obligation estimates is your best bet. We can link you with installers who can evaluate your property and provide estimates depending on your particular requirements. By comparing these estimates, you may find the most affordable Gas Safe and OFTEC-certified engineers.

the price of a new oil boiler

Oil boilers are the most common alternative heating system for residences not linked to the gas network. The price of one of these units begins at €1,111 and can exceed €4,111. Including installation, the price of a new oil boiler replacement might range between €2,511 and €4,511.

In addition, operating an oil boiler might cost around €1,251 per year, which is approximately €251 more than utilising gas to heat your home.

the price of an electric boiler

Electric combi boilers, electric storage boilers, electric CPSU boilers, dry core storage boilers, and solar-compatible boilers are available on the market.

The typical price range for an electric heater is between €651 and €2511. In addition, installation fees will likely range from €1,611 to €3,511.

Electric boilers are a sensible investment for gas-free houses and those seeking to reduce their carbon impact. However, you should be aware that the majority of Dublin’s power is generated by the combustion of fossil fuels. In addition, it is considerably more costly than gasoline and oil.

The annual operating costs of an electric boiler in a typical residence might reach €3,111. Obviously, it would be less for residences with one or two bedrooms.

Government assistance for boiler replacement?

Let’s be straightforward: a new boiler will not be inexpensive. However, a variety of support, subsidies, and programmes are available to help Dublin residents save money on a new boiler. However, you must fulfil certain requirements to qualify.

A portion of the cost of a new boiler will be subsidised for eligible homes, and in certain cases, the boiler will be provided for free.

Price to install a new boiler

So far, we have examined the price of a new boiler in detail. However, one must also consider the expense of installing a new boiler. Let’s investigate them in further depth.

How much precisely does boiler installation cost? It is difficult to say. Average boiler installation costs in Dublin range between €1,611 and €3,511. This cost reflects the number of labour hours and the installation’s complexity.

The variation in pricing is mostly due to the variable labour expenses in different regions and the installation’s intricacy. A new boiler in Dublin, for instance, costs more than a new oil boiler in Northern Ireland. A simple installation is less expensive than a complicated one.

typical boiler replacement costs

Let’s summarise everything we’ve learned up to this point. Several variables determine the typical price of a new boiler: the type, manufacturer, performance, warranty, and size (output rating) of the boiler. The majority of individuals will pay between €511 and €2,751 for a new boiler.

In addition, the typical boiler installation cost is affected by the local labour expenses, the job’s complexity, and the number of person-hours required. The typical price range for replacing a boiler is between €1,611 and €3,511.

Then, what are the usual total expenses of a new boiler and installation? This amount will likely range between €2,111 and €6,251.

However, keep in mind that it may be able to reduce the expenses with a grant. In the end, obtaining multiple quotations from Gas Safe-registered engineers in your area is the most effective method for estimating your costs and obtaining the best pricing.

Questions asked often

What is the typical cost to replace a boiler?

The typical cost to replace a boiler varies substantially depending on the circumstances. The majority of Dublin homeowners pay between €511 and €2,751 for their new boiler, but can spend up to €6,251 when installation charges are added.

Typically, how long do boilers last?

The typical lifespan of a boiler is between 11 and 15 years. If your boiler is older than this, you may want to consider replacing it because elderly boilers frequently lose efficiency, resulting in higher heating costs.

How frequently should a boiler be replaced?

Only if your existing boiler leaves much to be desired should you consider replacing it. Over time, a boiler must exert greater effort to heat your house. At this stage, you should investigate replacement options.

Typically, a properly maintained boiler reaches this condition after around fifteen years. Check out this website if you’re interested about how much replacing your boiler will cost.

Who is eligible for a free replacement boiler?

The government has introduced subsidies to assist with boiler replacement expenses. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) plan (which includes free boiler replacements) is accessible to anyone receiving certain income-related benefits in England and Ireland. In order to qualify, your boiler must also be at least 5 years old.

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