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What to Expect from the Best MBA Admission Consultants

You might be in the middle of your application and, considering professional help from the best MBA admission consultants, but are overwhelmed with the sea of information you can find online mba degree. And why not? It will make a huge hole in your pockets, but you must find the best fit to help you make it to your dream B-schools. 

The first thought is: Do you need consulting at this cost? There are various parameters, but these are based on successes, not failures, right? But deep down, we know acceptance rates of top B-schools worldwide are low. The advantages of working with the best MBA admission consultant enable you to create your USP from an ocean of similar candidates.

The best MBA admissions consultant offers the second pair of eyes to audit your application, essay, and methodology and provide a sanity check. Traditional consultants offer only a limited snapshot as they are not aware of recent changes at schools regarding the selection criteria, nor could their consultants reach top-notch business schools, whereas, at MBA and Beyond, MBA application (admission) consulting is provided by either current students or alums where we offer you access to achievers and people who have been there and done that. 

MBA and Beyond is a team of passionate and best MBA admission consultants who believe in creating maximum value in the journey of applicants and take full ownership of their clients’ applications’ success. We are confident because we have our point of view on what has worked with deep introspection and analysis. We can address any inquiries or concerns you have about any top schools. This will spares you huge amounts of worthful time to help you do more important tasks.

We agree that your stats and profile should speak for themselves, but adding more value to your application and interview process is the goal of the best MBA admission consultants. With the help of our experts, your application bundle can go from nonexclusive to convincing. But the only requirement we ask for is commitment. If applicants are not dedicated to completing the process, it’s a huge waste of money and time. Unfortunately, some potential customers think enrolling for the best MBA admission consultants implies they don’t need to do any work, but this is a misconception. An admission consultant is someone other than an article-composing administrator. We won’t do the work for you, and we’re not here to agree with whatever the client says; rather, we are here to give your application the light that can shine in the eyes of adcoms, which only an expert can do. 

Why GRE is important?

A critical parameter is GRE or GMAT exams, where you must pull up your socks. Top business schools use GRE scores to select potential candidates from non-traditional backgrounds to apply for MBA programs. As a result, MBA GRE scores have recently gained widespread popularity worldwide. The most common concern is whether they should take the GRE or the GMAT for MBA.

It depends on the type of MBA program you’re aiming for; if you’re applying for MBA programs, you should take the GMAT. However, the GRE, on the other hand, is a test for applicants who want to use it for graduate programs in almost any subject, like a master’s degree, specialized master’s course, MS, MEM, or doctoral degree, and the MBA. The MBA GRE scores are accepted at over 1200 business schools worldwide.

A tool to avoid GRE or GMAT

However, if you want to avoid taking tests like GRE or GMAT, there is an option called GMAT waiver. Due to the global pandemic, many business schools have started to offer GMAT waiver MBA to make the application process more convenient for the candidates. GMAT waiver allows an MBA applicant to forgo a test score submission, particularly in some circumstances where admission officers evaluate your GMAT waiver letter or GMAT waiver MBA essay where you have to meet specific criteria like work experience, degrees or achievements, or other conditions.

Work experience will become an important constituent in creating successful GMAT waiver letters, so the applicant’s career goals with the average number of years of work experience are required. However, there is one more aspect you should look into. If you aim at M7 or T10 schools with a waiver, you must have a strong quantitative background, career trajectory, solid achievements, and a robust narrative to present in your MBA application. 

Another determinant in assessing a successful GMAT waiver letter is your academic performance. Many top B-schools demand a minimum GPA ranging from 3.0-3.4 when granting waiver requests.

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