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An iPhone is usually expensive especially if you are buying a brand new one. If any harm occurs to this, one will definitely feel disappointed. It is important to keep yourexpensive iPhone safe from any harm. If you are able to get a good case for it, it can help protect it from bumps, scratches, etc. When searching for a phone case you will see that there is a huge variety present. It can be tough selecting any one. The following are some tips to help you out here:


It is important that the phone case actually be compatible with the exact size of the phone. When you select one that is not compatible, it will not fit your phone. This is indeed very annoying.

You can find some cases which are able to fit several models of iPhones as their sizes are such that they do not alter much over the years. You may buy a case that can be used for a newest model iPhone.

It is important to keep in mind older cases which have features that are not required anymore, like a hole present for a headphone jack. The later model iPhones do not require headphones so do not have a headphone jack.


You need to think about what features you wish the iPhone case to have. The features may be totally aesthetic, like a clear case which lets one see the color of your iPhone underneath. You may want to get ridges upon the case so that gripping is easier to do.

Common features that are present on some phone cases include credit card storage, a cover with raised corners that keeps the screen safe when falling, a raised switch present for the power button as well as volume control, battery cases, etc.

It is important to know that extra features like batteries along with credit card storage can add to the bulk of the phone case.


It is important to know how you wish the phone to feel when you are gripping it. Some people may consider practicality as being the most important point and wish to get some friction so as to get a firmer grip. You may want to get a case that is smoother and glossier.

The material matters as it impacts the way that you experience the phone. It will also depend on how bulky the phone will be, the level of protection that it can give, and whether you can charge it wirelessly.

Phone cases are often made from plastic, leather plus synthetic leather, wood or bamboo, silicone, aramid fiber, as well as carbon fiber.

Have a look at the different phone cases available like Chade Cases iPhone 11 phone case for instance. It is important to keep your budget in mind when choosing any. This will help you narrow down your options. It is better to get something that is strong and which can actually protect the phone. 

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