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Napkins are used by almost every household. And are the part and parcel of life, they are present in every home and are used on a daily basis. And their daily usage has increased their importance and people have started using one-time-use napkins. While there are a variety of options available in the market for dinner napkins. For example, paper napkins, cotton napkins, linen napkins, silk napkins, etc. But using “use and throw” napkins are pocket-friendly and they are easily accessible and available in the market. While to use them you can have Paper Napkin Machine and before buying them one should know the following points:-

  • Efficiency:- There are two types of machines for napkins, i.e., normal speed machine and high-speed napkin machine. While the later is a little costly but the efficiency of that machine is higher than the other. And this makes a lot of difference in the working of the machine.
  • Printing:- The production machine of a paper napkin can be divided into two different kinds of machine. One is the colour printing paper napkin machine, while the other is an ordinary paper napkin machine. The color paper napkin machine provides a variety of designs etc., while the ordinary paper napkin machine provides different luster and different basic colors.
  • Specifications:- Generally the kind of production you need can help you to decide which machine will fulfill your needs. Normally there are two types of machines general napkin machine and a large paper napkin machine. But the only difference in this machine is the amount of production of products. One is specifically used for very small quantity and the other one is used to produce a larger amount of quantity of paper napkins.
  • Folds:- Another way to differentiate two different napkin machines is the way they fold the napkin. There are two ways to do so one is 1/4 folding style and the other is 1/8 folding style. While this difference does not seems to be quite a big difference but the folds of napkins can make a lot of difference in the appearance as well as in the packing too. The 1/8 folding napkin machine is usually expensive but it has the feature of vacuum absorption which makes it expensive.
  • The Number:- The number of napkins in the napkin machine creates this difference in the machines. In one kind of machine the napkins are in two-row and work parallel with each other. And this withdraws two napkins at a time. While in the other type of napkin machine there are four rows of napkin products but one can withdraw two napkins at a time too.

So these were the basic differences of the napkin machine. These differences make it easier to choose from the options available according to the use and need in the market.

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