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vibrating pantiesWhat to look for when buying vibrating panties

Vibrating panties are one of my favorite sex toys for discreet public play. They are designed to stimulate the clitoris and help women achieve orgasm. These panties, with their remote functions, can also add pleasure and excitement to intimate moments between partners. So, if you are looking for a sex toy that offers something different, you may want to try vibrating panties

What are vibrating panties?

Vibrating panties are a type of easy-to-wear lingerie that is designed to provide discreet pleasure through the use of remote-controlled vibrations. The name can be quite deceiving since panties are not meant to vibrate. Typically, a vibrating panty is a small and discrete vibrator that is placed strategically in underwear or panties to stimulate the clitoris. This allows you to enjoy sensual sensations without others knowing. 

The beauty of vibrating panties is that they can be used as solo play or to spice things up among partners. Moreover, the vibrator can be removed and used on other parts that you need stimulation like the nipple.

How to shop for the perfect Vibrating panties

Shop from reputable online store

It can be very challenging to tell the quality of this vibrating panties. Buying from a reputable sex toy online store such as VIP Royal Honey, is a wise choice to buy high quality and safe sex toys. These reputable online stores have well-known brands and provide comprehensive product descriptions just the way the products are in real life. With that, you are sure that you’re buying the perfect vibrating Panties. 

Material and comfort

The material of the vibrating panties is very important for comfort and longevity. If you want to wear them for extended periods, use breathable, soft materials like silk or cotton to guarantee a comfortable fit. You can read the vibrating panties review and product description to learn more about the materials. Furthermore, you have to take into consideration whether the vibrator can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning.

Size, color, and fitting

Vibrating panties come in different sizes and styles to fit different body types, shapes, and user preferences. It is important to choose one that fits snugly but not too tight to achieve a good level of comfort and fit. Choosing vibrating panties that are too tight may cause sensitivity, and redness, obstruct blood flow, and leave marks around your waist. On the other hand, when it’s too loose, the vibrator may fall out of position. Certain brands usually provide stretchable fabrics or straps that can be adjusted to suit a specific user.

Read vibrating panties product reviews and product descriptions

Product descriptions and product reviews from customers are excellent ways to learn about the details of a product. Most reputable online stores always try as much as possible to leave product description details. This can help you learn about the measurements, care instructions, and a comprehensive list of all the characteristics of the item. Each vibrating panty is unique, and the product descriptions will tell you more about the many kinds. Similarly, you can read customer product reviews if you are not sure about a product.

Battery life and noise level

Another factor you need to consider is the battery life. Ensure that the vibrating panties have enough battery capacity that can be enough to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment. Also, consider the noise level of the vibrating panties especially in public settings. Choose one that have low noise and a quiet motor when in use. 


Choose vibrating panties that are waterproof to prevent them from getting spoilt when you incorporate water play or squirt during clitoris stimulation. Moreover, waterproof Models can be used in the bathtub, shower, or swimming pool, increasing the opportunities for sexual enjoyment anywhere you want.

Why should you consider buying vibrating panties?

Vibrating panties are a very exciting and fun sex toy that can be used for solo play or couples’ play

Here are the important reasons you need to get vibrating panties

  • You don’t need to hold the small and discreet vibrator in place for it to function
  • Most vibrating panties come with a Bluetooth and remote control
  • It can be fun when your partner holds the control over your arousal and sexual pleasure
  • A legit way to get thrills in public

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