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The other day, I met my friend’s father. And we were discussing the conditions of the market. 

He said to me that he has his business app, but he isn’t getting any popularity. He showed me his app, and I found that the app was slow with zero engagement features and the user interface wasn’t responsive.

And maybe that was the reason most of the users abandoned his app. According to reports, an average person has over 80+ apps downloaded on his phone, and among that, an average user only uses  9 mobile apps per day and 30 per month!

It turned out to be that he hired a local mobile app development company that used an old stack of technology, and the developers assigned for his task also didn’t have any mastery! 

Suppose you look forward to developing an app for your business or have a great startup idea. In that case, it’s vital to lean on a dedicated mobile app development company.

Before deciding on a custom app development company, there are some general points you should know about mobile app development. Else, it can lead to barriers in selecting the right mobile app development company. 

 More importantly, if you are not tech-savvy, you need to do your homework too to not fall into any such traps. (like my friend’s father)

To make your work easier, we have listed some tips or rather say ‘questions’ you can ask to search for your best technology partner!

 This article contains the following points to search for the perfect mobile app development company: 

  • Check the company’s portfolio.
  • Study their website – technologies, services, history, etc
  • Inquire about the technologies that support their process
  • Experience of the development company
  • Check their reviews and client testimonials.
  • Designing process
  • Ask basic questions – code ownership, launching the app, signing an NDA & more.
  • Ask about post app maintenance service.
  • Pricing of the project
  • Request a timeline
  1.     Check the Company’s Portfolio

It is an essential step. Once you search for a mobile app development company, the other thing you should do is checking their portfolios. An excellent mobile app development company will have its set of portfolios on its website itself.

 Check upon their portfolios, study their apps. By checking their portfolios, you will come to know their UI/UX ability and whether they have developed an app in your domain or not. After that, ask the mobile app development company to send the app store links to help you know the technology they use for the app development process. 

  1.     Study their Website

 If you find their portfolios useful, don’t just finalize the company for your project. Take time to see their website thoroughly. Look over all their pages, including technologies, services they offer, history, and blogs. 

 By studying their company’s website, you will get an overall idea of how the mobile app development company will help you scale with your project. 

  1.     Inquire About the Technologies that Support their Process

 Checking the technologies, they use will give you clear insights into whether the company uses the latest tools & technologies or not. As the tech world evolves, there comes faster & fairer technologies & tools to support the app development process. 

And suppose the company still operates on old technologies. In that case, it can result in your app lagging behind the competition, which is, of course, not a great idea! 

  1.     Experience of the Development Company

If you are a business owner, then you should take care of this factor. An experienced company will be able to understand your business needs better. Moreover, they would be able to address any issue coming into the app development process efficiently. 

Apart from this, communicate with the company’s developers and ask them about the degree they possess. Most app developers have an IT degree; check upon their knowledge of your business & the platform (iOS & Android) you want to build your app. 

This way, you will be able to presume the company’s expertise in developing apps.

  1.     Check their Reviews and Client’s Testimonials

What better than directly hearing from the clients. Mobile app development companies have a section that includes the client’s review. Read their previous client reviews, and you’ll come to apprehend how the company treats its clients. 

 Furthermore, you can even ask them to lead you to their previous clients. If the mobile app development company has enough confidence in their past work, they won’t hesitate.  

Thus, you will get a basic idea of their proficiency.  

  1.     Ask the Designing Process

UI that is User Interface and UX that is User Experience significantly impacts a user’s mind. And to engage a user to use your app is carried out by the designing team. That’s why the company must have a distinct and sure designing process. 

So, ask the development company to provide you with the structure of the designing process. A significant design process will include detailed steps of analyzing, discovering & prototyping. If the process is well structured and consists of your app’s wireframe, you are good to go. We mean selecting that mobile app development company.  

  1.     Ask About Post App Maintenance

One thing of crucial importance is maintaining the app. Before finalizing your project with the mobile app development company, don’t forget to ask them about the post-app maintenance! 

Post app maintenance is an essential step because it needs updates and new exciting features to engage your users after launching the app. So, you must ask the development company to brief you on the maintenance process they offer. 

 Some companies provide three months of the free maintenance period, and some companies charge for the maintenance period.

Therefore, we recommend you to ask prior instead of getting into a problem later!

  1.     Ask about Proprietary Rights!

Ask the mobile app development company if they give ownership rights or not. You must have the rights to your app. You can ask them about the code ownership and whether they will secure your intellectual property or not. 

Having the code ownership will give you the right to update your app whenever you want and with whomsoever company you wish. 

If you are thinking of opening a startup, then securing your startup idea is vital. Ask them to sign an NDA (Non- Disclosure Agreement) so that your intellectual property remains safe. 

  1.     Pricing of the Project

 Here comes an essential aspect of getting an app developed. Always always ask the company for a detailed cost package in advance! Because it ensures that you are not fooled later and even helps you in budgeting your project!

  1. Request a Timeline

 Once you have shared all your company’s insights with them and you’re adamant about getting your app developed with the mobile app development company. Proceed towards requesting them to give you a detailed timeline of your project! 

 Make sure to ask them if they have enough developers to support your project and deliver it at the mentioned time or not! 

Questioning them all will help you to understand how your project will work. 

Lastly, ensure that you communicate thoroughly with the company throughout the procedure and strictly tell them about every development of your app! 


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