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Headlights of the car are also called headlamps and the primary purpose for them on the vehicles is to throw lights on the road. It is highly beneficial during the daytime and at night. These headlights are usually attached to the front of the vehicles. Vehicles like trains and aircraft apart from cars use headlights. There are various ways in which they are designed and arranged on the vehicles. One can find different designs from carmonkey used cars and purchase them with suitable features that include headlights, interiors and exteriors. 

The subaru lights are available in different types for different applications. These are available in several designs and colours. Colours are very selective; yellow was used in old cars to give that aesthetic look. The automobile industry is so advanced nowadays the same goes for their headlights. Earlier, they were acetylene lamps because they had the flexibility of the air flame. One must know what to look for in headlights and choose the best. 

Types of headlights and their uses:

There are several headlights one can find from carmonkey used cars. Based on their preferences, one can select the car which has such headlights and purchase their order. The different types of headlights are:

  • LED headlights

These headlights are popular now and are energy efficient. The lights are flexible and the bulbs present inside them are available in different sizes. These lights are specially designed for headlights and taillights in unique designs. You will also find LED indicator light used in several places.

The main reason for using these lights is to give a new and unique look to the car. Apart from the led headlights, installation of these interior led lights car would also give your car a unique look.

  • Halogen headlights

These halogen lights are popular on the road. These lights use a mixture of nitrogen and argon gases and the glass tube consists of a tungsten filament inside it. Once the filament is heated inside the glass tube, the light is produced. They are available at a budget-friendly price. The halogen lights will produce 1300 lumens, which is a good level of lighting when compared to the others and the light is dim.

  • Parking lights

The parking lights are provided with normal headlights and they are placed in the front of the car either separately or with the headlights. The purpose of the parking lights is that they are used when you’re parking the car. These lights are helpful during the nights as they provide a signal for other moving objects and this will prevent accidents.  

  • Brake lights

The brake lights are usually placed on the back end of the car and the light when the brake is applied. The brake lights throw light when the person sitting inside the car applies the brake and the vehicle stops. It is equally important to maintain and use them properly. During traffic, when the brake is applied the brake light shows up and the car behind stops their car seeing the light. This will avoid any sort of crashes. 

  • Fog lights

These lights are rare and most people are unaware of them. These lights are preferably used when there is a lot of fog in the air. One must turn on the fog lights when driving in foggy weather. The primary purpose of the fog lights is to make them visible to the other drivers driving in this fog weather. These lights are generally placed on the lower part of the cars. They come in two colours: golden and yellow as this will catch the eyes of the other drivers. 

  • Interior lights

Interior lights inside the car include compartment, panel and indicator lights. Some of the vehicles also have map lights, radio lights and clock lights which give it a more versatile look to the entire car and look very stylish when one drives the car.

  • Warning lights or hazard lights

These warning lights are also called flashers and are generally placed on the front and the rear end of the vehicle. Many countries in this world have various applications of using warning lights. When the warning lights are turned on, it is expected for the other drivers to know that the car has been stopped for danger or when experiencing a problem with the car. These lights should be used as a warning for the other drivers.

  • Direction-signal lights

These lights are to indicate in which direction the car wants to move ahead. It can either be left or right. These lights will alert the vehicles coming from the front of the rear end of the side. 

  • Blinker lights

The blinker lights usually give signals to other drivers that the car has been stopped on the highways or parked to the side. These lights are very noticeable to the other people and give a warning signal for other people approaching the car. 

  • Taillights

The taillights are placed on the rear end of the vehicle and the goal of them placing it on the back is to alert the other vehicles coming behind them in the nighttime. These lights are always on when the car is moving at nighttime. 

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