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Do you like cooking in the kitchen? Then you’ve probably used a cutting board in your kitchen before. The question is, what type of cutting board should you or shouldn’t you use?

I guess the answer is … it depends.

The answer depends on the intended purpose. The style you like and how often or how carefully you are willing to give your cutting board.

What is your goal?

I know this may seem like a very stupid question… would you like to shorten it? You can cut raw or cooked meat, vegetables, tomatoes or cheese. If you are looking for Kitchen Kut gadgets visit our site for shopping.

Wood – A traditional board is a wooden cutting board. This type of rack is ideal for keeping your valuable knives from tarnishing. and can update the kitchen with an original look, but keep in mind that planks require little maintenance. You should clean it after each use… and it is recommended to use vinegar mixed with water. And don’t put the tiles in the sink to wash them in the tub…submersion in water, in particular, can seriously damage the slats. This is because water seeps into the planks and causes bacteria to grow. This will also cause the boards to dry out and crack. You should lubricate your boards with food-grade mineral oil at least once every two months to prevent them from drying out and cracking. But nothing in the kitchen is as beautiful as a wooden cutting board.

Plastic – The newest cutting board is the plastic cutting board. Plastic was once seen as an excellent substitute for traditional boards. This is because it is not as porous as wood and repels bacteria much better. There was a lot of controversy about this issue. And there are studies that show bacteria grow on plastic sheets… However, plastic panels are much easier to clean and maintain. Bathing in bleach mixed with water can help get rid of bacteria. Besides cleaning your sink regularly with soap and water…you can also put a plastic cutting board in the dishwasher…how about that for easy maintenance?

What style do you like?

There are three other styles you may like, such as steel, marble, or glass shelves, if you’re interested in this type of dish…best to save these plates for sandwich making, baking and rolling, or serving cheese. All kinds of wood planks use your knife to be very hard… which can wear or cut the knife. Marble can also wear down and deteriorate over time if acidic foods or juices have been prepared. For example, tomatoes. However, these plates show off a lot. Well and can be used for sandwiches or cheese.

That leaves us with wood and plastic again. So which sheet is better? Wood will give your kitchen an original look… but maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is more work. The wood comes in full grain plank widths. Full grain edge width and a classic cut look. Bamboo, is not actually a tree. But it also looks beautiful from the grass family. 15% harder than maple, but still has the same cleaning method as wood. These cutting boards look great if you want to put them on your counter.

Plastic is easy to maintain and can come in a wider variety of styles and colors than traditional signs. You can also get a flexible rack that allows you to roll or remove the shredded meat or vegetables from your plate and place them easily and conveniently in a jar or bowl. Plastic sheets also come in different thicknesses. This means you can store them in a small space. If you don’t want to show it at the counter

What does your lifestyle look like?

The final question to help you find the best kitchen cutting board for your use is… what is your lifestyle? If you’re like most people, you have a million things to do when you get home from work, like making dinner before soccer practice. Plank care may not be your first priority. If you love to cook and take the time to prepare all of your recipes… you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of a wooden cutting board by keeping your precious knives in top condition.

Either way you’ll need to thoroughly clean and disinfect your kitchen cutting board after every use…the question is what kind of person are you? And it is likely that the cutting board will take longer to maintain.


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