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As the macronutrients that include lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins can be consumed to release energy, minerals and vitamins play an essential role in energy metabolism. This is because they are needed as the functional parts of enzymes involved in the storage and energy-releasing process. These minerals and vitamins that make up the part of enzymes are known as cofactors and coenzymes.  

Readers who are already using the supplement Alpha Lion Shredder, have found a shortcut to boosting their energy! While for the alternative purpose, you can boost your energy metabolism by taking the vitamins that can be the best energy-boosting solution.

The Role of Vitamin B in Energy Metabolism

I heard from many marketers that taking a vitamin that has a daily value of B vitamins is perfect for boosting energy and your day to day performance. Is this a myth? Well, this myth is not backed by science. You can feel more energized when taking the energy-boosting supplements that contain a rich amount of Vitamin B. 

B Vitamins are needed to support growth and energy metabolism. But make sure that you are taking these vitamins according to the prescription of your doctor. Remember that more than the required amount of B vitamins will never boost up extra energy. So, I have listed some of the highly recommended B Vitamins that play a major role in energy metabolism.

B1 Thiamine:

This B vitamin assists in RNA, glucose metabolism, ATP synthesis, and DNA. It comes under the best energy-boosting B vitamins.

B2 Riboflavin:

A great vitamin B that helps in carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It also assists in glucose formation. While it is an electron carrier on which other kinds of B vitamins are dependent on.

B3 Niacin:

One of the good vitamin B that assists in fat, glucose, and protein metabolism. This is also a good electron carrier.

B5 pantothenic acid:

This is good for assisting in neurotransmitter synthesis, cholesterol, fat, glucose metabolism. 

B6 Pyroxidine:

A kind of B vitamin that will be assisting in the glycogenosis, in the synthesis of amino acid. Also, it helps out in the hemoglobin and neurotransmitter synthesis.


Biotin is another kind of B vitamin that is surely good energy-boosting vitamin. This vitamin, however, helps out in proteins, fat, and glucose metabolism. However, this also works in the amino acid synthesis process. 


It is probably the best-known B vitamins that are just perfect at the amino acid synthesis. They are also involved in DNA, RNA, and red blood cell synthesis.

B12 Cobalamin:

Do you know that the Cobalamin form of Vitamin B is just good for fat and protein metabolism? Moreover, they perform the best folate function and are good at the red blood cell synthesis.


Yes, the B vitamin supplements for sure provides an essential growth and energy metabolism to your body. They are just perfect for those who want to boost up their energy. But this is just not enough. If you want to be an Alpha Lion Shredder, you just need to focus on your diet. Remember, supplements work only when you are taking a healthy diet. So, make your diet healthy.

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