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The 21st Century comes with many good inventions that have madesignificant marks in the history of humanity. Many of these inventions are by young people who through their innovations and by taking advantage of technology, have joined the ranks of the wealthy.

Many people have started businesses in different sectors of our economy, turning them into profitable and leading corporations. Several others have not been so successful and have lost significant resources.

Business mentor Solomon Babajide’s book, “YOU CAN MAKE A DETERMINED DIFFERENCE… In an environment of Competitiveness,” offers is the most considerable help for new entrepreneurs.

Thoughts about Solomon Babajide’s Coaching style

Here are a few things we have learned about Solomon Babajide’s coaching after reading his book:

  • He believes that the path to success might not always be the shortest. Those who try to find shortcuts could never be guaranteed long-lasting results.
  • As the economic world is unpredictable, so are the dynamics of running businesses. To have an enduring breakthrough, you need to believe in the concept of taking one determined step after the other, till you realize your vision.
  • To him, every entrepreneur must be prepared to go beyond their comfort zones and make needed sacrifice, until they reach set goals.
  • He believes in the power of faith. To him, whatever you do, do it in a way that goes according to the way of God. God has a “masterplan” for every entrepreneur and their enterprise. It is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to discover and align his/her desire to divine direction.

About the author Solomon Babajide

Solomon Babajide is an accomplished management practitioner with over 45 years of international experience. He was Chief Executive Officer at one of Seaboard Corporation’s largest non-petroleum American investments in Nigeria, West Africa, and Group Coordinator, Seaboard Group, Nigeria.

Solomon was on multiple international boards – in diverse industries, including manufacturing, finance, and service: for-profit and non-profit. He is acknowledged as specializing in starting organizations, raising them to successful operational levels, and providing direction to management executives that continue to sustain them – most times under his supervision.

Solomon retired as Group Coordinator from Seaboard Corporation’s Nigeria Still, and he continues to offer his extensive management experience as a business coach to several business initiatives – locally and internationally.

Solomon Babajide has attended high-level management courses designed for Chief Executives. He is a Fellow of the Association of Business Executives of the United States of America; an Executive Council Member of the American Institute of Management; a Member of the British Institute of Management, a Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management as well as Member of the Chartered Institute of Administration.

He has another one of his books in progress which also discusses management and business dynamics.

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