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What will happen when you stop Your Chemotherapy Treatment?

An oncologist may suggest a lot of treatment options when someone gets breast cancer, and chemotherapy is one of them. Sometimes, cancer cells return after remission and such treatments don’t kill those cells.  This stage is known as the terminal or advanced stage of cancer.  It is not easy to decide what to do next. 

Should you continue your treatment? 

At this point, many people have to decide whether continuing chemo will help them to survive. Ask the best cancer doctor in Delhi who can tell you the chances or odds of improvement. But it is always an estimate as nobody can be sure about the effects.  

You may obviously be tempted to try all the possible ways. But consequences can take a toll on the emotional and physical health of you and your family when treatment doesn’t work. 

What experts have to say? 

For the first time, cancer treatment is the most effective. If you’ve been through several chemotherapies and tumors are still spreading and growing, you may want to stop this. But there are still other options you must try like immunotherapy. Here’s what you can ask an oncologist – 

  • Will my condition improve if I choose to continue treatment? 
  • What other treatment options are worth trying? 
  • Will it make any difference if I stop chemo after several months or right now? 
  • Will my side effects go away by stopping treatment? 

It is very important to be honest and open with your oncologist. Be clear on what you expect in a few weeks or months. 


It takes a lot of courage to stop treatment. It is even more difficult talking about the same with your family and healthcare provider. There is no wrong or right decision at this stage. It’s totally up to you. Do you wish to continue treatment or you are comfortable without it? 

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