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What you didn’t know about water damage.What you didn’t know about water damage.

What do you know about water? A whole lot right? After all, it is what you use in bathing, cooking, drinking, swimming, and all sorts of other useful things water is used for.

I know you are quite knowledgeable about water and its uses but what do you know about water damage? What do you know about its causes and effects?

Don’t get flustered, you will find out about water damages in this article and if you are experiencing a water problem, then you might need to check out Water Damage Restoration Experts of MA – A1 Water & Mold Removal MA.

What is water damage?

The risk of water damage increases significantly when it rains and there is a leaking pipe right in your house or a leaking roof above. Water damage is a problem dreaded by many house owners. This is because the damage results in a host of other different problems which may require exorbitant fees to correct.

Categories of water damage.

There are three categories of water damage, identifying each of these categories enables one in assessing the gravity of the damage which is very important for determining how to repair the water damage problem. The categories are;

Category  1

Category 2

Category 3

  1. Category 1: this class of water damage includes clean water, these waters are traceable to broken home appliances and they do not pose threat to human beings.
  2. Category 2: is also called gray water. This water is usually contaminated and may cause sickness if ingested due to microorganisms, seepage, or even broken sump pumps which may cause category 2 water damage.
  3. Category 3: this class of water is also known as black water. This type of water is unsanitary, as bacteria and other organisms that cause sickness can be found in it. The possible sources of category 3 water damage can be traced to sewage problems and contaminated standing water.

Now that you know the categories of water damages, the ideal next thing to know is the classes of water damages.

Classes of Water damages.

It is necessary to identify the classes of water damage as it helps in identifying the best water damage repair option for each peculiar scenario.

Class 1: This class of water damage is the least harmful. Materials absorb little water when exposed to this form of water damage, and these damages are the least expensive and easiest to repair.

Class 2: This class of water damage has a fast rate of evaporation, this simply implies that materials such as carpet and cushions may be easily damaged when exposed to this class of damage. In this class of water damage, the repair is more difficult and of course more expensive.

Class 3: this class of water damage has the fastest rate of evaporation. In situations like this, the water may be from overhead sources like broken sprinklers thereby resulting in soggy walls.

Class 4: in this class of water damage, the effect may be seen on hardwood floors, plaster, and concretes. To correct this damage, you will need special water restoration and water removal procedures.

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