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What You Should Have in Your Summer Wardrobe

As we head into the summer, it’s important to update your wardrobe using your favorite online fashion boutique. Be sure to include these pieces for a wardrobe that can take you anywhere. Neutral color t-shirts – T-shirts in neutral colors aren’t the most exciting items to buy, but they can go with just about anything. Wear them with a variety of skirts and shorts on the weekend or put them under a blazer and wear them to work. Get a few, but make sure you have white, beige, and black.

  1. Denim jacket – If you live in a climate where the nights can get cool, a denim jacket is an absolutely essential piece in your summer wardrobe. Use it throughout the year.
  2. Dress sandals – A good pair of sandals (with heals if you can wear them) will go with just about every outfit in your closet. Dress sandals can be made appropriate to wear to a casual office, or they can go great with an outfit to wear to a summer wedding or a night out.
  3. Neutral button-up shirts – Neutral button-up shirts are another item you need to match just about every item in your wardrobe. If you have a more formal workplace, you’ll definitely want at least three.
  4. Large tote bag – This is an essential item for trips to the beach or just as a replacement for a briefcase at a more casual workplace. Look for a bag that zips at the top, they are essential to making sure that nothing falls out of the top. If you’re going to use the bag at the beach or by the pool, look for one that won’t trap sand and is water resistant. Consider if you want pockets on the inside; these can help to keep things organized, but they also make it difficult to use the bag to store really large items.
  5. Shirt dress – The shirt dress is a style that looks good on nearly every body type, but it is also one of the most versatile styles in existence. A cotton shirt dress dressed down is perfect as a beach cover-up or for lounging near the pool. Pick a silk version and you’ll have a dress that can be perfect for a night out or a summer wedding. Best of all, shirt dresses tend to be lightweight and easy to travel with.
  6. Midi skirt – This length is good for formal events, the office, or just a weekend walk. Midi-length skirts come in a lot of different styles, colors, and fabrics, so get a few different ones to fill out your wardrobe.
  7. Dressy sneakers – These are usually white, but don’t be afraid to look for sneakers with a pop of color. Pick shoes in primarily neutral hues, however, so that they can match with most things in your wardrobe. Dressy sneakers aren’t running shoes; they are not meant to be worn to the gym. While they should be well-made, they don’t need to provide the ankle and arch support that your gym shoes do. Thankfully, this means that they usually cost a bit less than those other shoes.
  8. Denim shorts – A few pairs of denim shorts that look good enough to wear to the beach, theme park, or around the house are absolutely essential for the summer. Pick shorts that have a classic look to them; good denim shorts should last for several years. Picking a classic cut will mean that they won’t age out of your wardrobe before they wear out.
  9. Cotton shorts – Shorts made of linen or heavy cotton are a great choice for any time you’re going to be around water. These shorts are quick to dry and lightweight, making them ideal for trips to theme parks and the beach. If you choose a dressier version, you may even be able to pair them with a belt and a button-down shirt and wear them to the office.
  10. Crossbody bag – This is a bag that’s meant to be worn when you just need to carry a few things, making it ideal for short trips to the store or just a day bag. This summer, look for a cross-body bag in a bold color such as red or blue.
  11. Ballet flats – These can quickly become your go-to shoes for just about everything. They go great with nearly every outfit, and they can be appropriate for nearly every occasion. These really versatile shoes are perfect if you need to go from the office to a night out without changing your shoes.
  12. Maxi dress – Maxi dresses are cool and comfortable, and it’s possible to wear them to a lot of different places. Look for a style that has a defined waist; this will prevent it from looking too frumpy. Pair the maxi dress with a denim jacket and dressy sandals for a more polished look. Every summer wardrobe should have at least one maxi dress, preferably several.

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