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A majority of people know vitamin K but may be clueless about Vitamin K2. This vitamin is not well known in the west and hasn’t received much attention. But it is a powerful nutrient that plays an essential role in health. Vitamin K two may be the bridge between diet and cure for chronic diseases. Some experts believe that the role of vitamin K1 and K2 differ. Experts suggest that these should be classified as separate nutrients.

Vitamin K2 is revealed to be more significant in reducing blood vessel calcification compared to vitamin K1. Human studies also reveal that vitamin K2 supplements enhance bone and heart health, while vitamin K1 only had negligible effects. Order Vitamin K2 online and supplement with it daily. It is a superior form of vitamin K with potent health benefits.

Helps prevent heart disease

Increased calcium in the arteries of your heart is a risk factor for heart disease. Because of this, anything that reduces calcium buildup may help reduce the risk of heart disease. Vitamin K is believed to help minimize calcium from being lodged in your arteries.

In one study that spanned 10 years, people with the highest intake of vitamin K particularly vitamin K2, had up to 52% fewer chances of developing calcification in the arteries and had a 57% lower risk of developing serious heart diseases that can lead to death.

Another extensive study of women found that the participants who ingested high levels of vitamin K2 had a lower risk of heart disease. Heart disease risk is reduced by as much as 90% for every 10 mcg of K2 consumed daily. On the other hand, studies undertaken using vitamin K1 seem to be ineffective.

Improves dental health

Experts believe that vitamin K2 can impact dental health. In animal studies, the role of vitamin K2 plays a huge role in bone metabolism. Osteocalcin is one of the proteins that regulate dental health. It is the protein vital to bone metabolism and is effectively triggered by vitamin K2.

Osteocalcin promotes the process of dentin growth, which is calcified tissue beneath your teeth’s enamel. It will help if you Order Vitamin K2 online and supplement it daily to maintain the health of your teeth.

Helps stop cancer

Cancer is a fatal disease worldwide. Although modern science has found various ways to combat it, cancer cases are still on the rise. Because of this, a prevention strategy is crucial. Several studies have supported claims on the efficacy of vitamin K2 on certain types of cancer.

In one study, vitamin K2 reduces the recurrence of liver cancer and increased survival rates.

Higher levels of vitamin K2 intake was also linked to up to 60% lowered risk of developing advanced prostate cancer in men. In contrast, vitamin K1 had no effect.


Although you may be supplementing and ingesting ideal levels of vitamins and minerals, it is crucial to know just what its effects are on your body. According to experts, vitamin K2 may be a superior form of vitamin K compared to vitamin K1.

Several studies have proven that vitamin K2 is better in improving health and can even mitigate serious diseases such as cancer. You have to consider if the vitamins and minerals you are taking are potent enough for your body. In this case, vitamin K2, rather than vitamin K1 is more beneficial

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