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Do you know the die-cut boxes? Window gift boxes don’t differ that much from them. The only difference is that the die-cut is a technique that uses a sharp blade to thinly cut the material, with the die-cut windows in window boxes. Particular forms in these boxes allow the customer to see the product inside the box. These die-cut forms are known as windows. Clear window boxes are very popular in cosmetics, toys, electronics, food, and much more. They allow retailers to show them facing the people out of their shop. Window boxes force spectators outside the shop to enter and show some interest, at least. This eventually leads to higher demand for the products within them.


The packaging of a product is as important as the product itself. All messages from the manufacturer to the customer are expected to be communicated to the products. Products must be packaged into beautiful packaging, which forces people to purchase them. Our personalized window boxes are great for your products. Their compelling design gives a second look to people. Now you’re in the GCP area, we’ll guide you about how your business’ window boxes will benefit you, what we offer for you, and why you should get them from us.

Why do window boxes work for you?

Your brand will benefit if additional people are involved. The trick to transforming people into potential customers is to make them believe that you are a single brand. How will this happen? Just go to custom window boxes to add your favorite items using our attractive printing process. Our high-level inventories enable brilliant printing and finishing. What your brand needs are a responsible manufacturer of window box packaging that can make flawless, fine look boxes. We offer custom boxes with clear GCP windows which can immediately generate interest and bear witness to a growing trend.


One of the main functions of any packaging box is to ensure the safety of the product it carries. The delicacy of a product varies according to its characteristics. As an example, we know that the quality of foodstuffs cannot be compromised. That’s why we can’t leave it open, but still have people to see it. In these cases, we prefer window display boxes if we are looking for products and still keep them visible. 


 The Window boxes are a professional way to display a product

People are more likely to receive an appeal and will likely make an immediate purchase. And even after the tough use of the pack, the product is still fresh and new. This eventually builds trust in this brand and the audience becomes a permanent customer.

Our window boxes will surprise you with the incredible options offered in our custom window boxes. Window boxes are a professional way to display a product, but they can be customized more professionally. It’s too conventional to have stuff simply printed on boxes. That’s why GCP offers you incredible customizations that you can use with windows to apply to your boxes. Our geniuses are familiar with the right technique to use these adaptations. This leads to more product visitors and the rapid growth of your brand.


Print the logo of your brand using our finishing methods

Some things need to be highlighted on a product, such as a brand logo or product title. It’s a great way to make your products more glamorous. The choice of a UV spot for your window boxes is most likely to catch people’s eyes with a decent glow. However, golden or silver foiling gives you a noble feeling with its brilliance. How about printing a multi-color shine? Try our foiling holographic. From low to highest grades, GCP has everything the brand wants to upgrade.

Magnificent laminations

Imagine people pick up your product from a retail shop and find a print defect in their windows. How does it affect your customer? Why has it happened? Why? Because your box did not receive the protection necessary to preserve the printed material. That’s when our laminations start. They not only provide beauty to the custom window boxes, but they also serve as protection for designs to last long. Our gloss, matt, and aqueous laminations allow you to get sophisticated or semi-gloss layers on your window boxes.

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