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Every week of the day Super Astro Luna game draws its results and the last night was draw 6786 of this lottery game. Super Astro Luna allows its players the opportunity to win millions of cash prizes based on the amount of their bet. The same thing happens after every draw, as millions of Colombian lottery players win and take home cash prizes. The draw takes place around 10:50 p.m. What sets Super Astro Luna apart from other lottery games is that it offers odds from 1 to 42,000 times the bet amount.

How can you play the Super Astro Luna lottery game?

The Super Astro Luna lottery game, like most lottery games, is a ticket game. In this lottery game you buy a ticket with 4 numbers and once the draw is done and your numbers match, you win cash prizes. This lottery game is endorsed by the Coljuegos organization; a company that is working to offer health benefits to Colombians. The game is played throughout the week from Monday to Sunday throughout the year. The draw usually takes place around 8:30 p.m.

A player can choose the 4-digit number for their ticket series and can choose anything as their star sign. Choose the numbers well to increase your chances of winning the game. The minimum bet amount for a Super Astro Luna lottery ticket is 500 Pesos. As for the maximum bet amount for the Super Astro Luna lottery ticket, it is 10,000 pesos. This is so that more people can easily join the lottery jackpot for a better chance of winning cash prizes.

If a player bets on a single star sign and manages to match the last four or last three or last two numbers on their ticket from left to right; They win in all these cases. If a player bets on all the astrological signs and manages to match four numbers, the last three numbers or the last two numbers in the order from left to right of the ticket in the 12 signs, he will also be a winner.

What is the prize plan for Super Astro Luna winners?

The Super Astro Sol prize plan is divided into 3 different divisions. They are the following.

  • The first division is to match 4 Digits + the Astrological Sign. Winning in this division gives players a cash prize of 42,000 times their original bet amount.
  • The second division is to match 3 Digits + the Astrological Sign. Winning this division allows players to take home a cash prize of 10,000 times their stake.
  • The third division of the prize is matching 2 Digits + the astrological sign. If a player has such a ticket, he can claim a win of 100 times the amount of his initial bet.

Prize plans are only offered in these 3 cases and the lottery strictly follows the rules.

Prize simulator for Super Astro Luna:

In order to help better understand cash prizes for novice players, we offer a simulator on how to win Super Astro Luna lottery. If a player bets on a ticket of around 5,400 pesos and manages to match 4 digits and the astrological sign, he takes home 2,268,000,000 million pesos; nearly 42,000 times your stake. If you want to know more about how much you can win for the amount of your bet in the 3 cash prize plans, there are easy-to-use simulators online.

How much tax discount is offered when winning the Super Astro Luna lottery?

In accordance with article 317 of the Colombian Tax Statute, income that a person obtains from bets, raffles and lotteries is considered occasional earnings. For these occasional earnings, they must pay around 20 percent as tax to the government. In addition to this, a withholding tax at the lottery office which is also incurred by the winners. For this retention, refer to article 306 of the Colombian Tax Statute, which establishes that the tax on occasional earnings must be withheld by the legal entities that are in charge of making the payment.

The Tax Statute, in its article 404, establishes that the withholding is made on the Base Subject to Withholding at Source. This means that a withholding is applied to payments in cash or direct payments into accounts that exceed 48 UVT.

As for low-value cash prizes, no withholding is applied to the account. However, the beneficiary of such income from occasional earnings is required to declare such income in their tax returns as Occasional Earnings and also apply them to the corresponding rates.

How can a winner claim their Super Astro Luna lottery ticket winnings?

If a player wins a prize of less than 6480747 Pesos, they can go directly to their local Super Spins or Your Network offices to claim the winnings. Once there, present your original winning ticket, which must not have been altered or modified and is free of errors. After that, present your original identity document with a photocopy of the identity document enlarged exactly 150%. The identification card must not be expired at the time it is presented at the lottery office.

If the lottery prize is greater than 82 UVT or is greater than 6480747, you must go to the Super Giros or Su Red offices with your winning ticket, your DNI and a photocopy of your DNI. Tickets must not be damaged or have any amendments or alterations.

For a prize greater than 5,000,000 pesos, fill out a form in SIPLAFT and give it to an advisor. Before claiming our payment, please make sure to submit all required documents along with the winning ticket. Once they have processed the documents and ticket, they will send you to PAGUE, a Prize Payment Authorization by Escrow, with a code. Send the code and you will get your prize money.

When is the next Super Astro Luna lottery draw, how much is the winning jackpot and where can Super Astro Luna lottery tickets be purchased?

The Super Astro Luna lottery announced draw every day of the week. The next lottery draw is drawn at 22:50. The draw is announced every week from Monday to Sunday at the same time on Channel One. There are many ways to buy the Super Astro Luna ticket. Some alternatives to authorized lottery dealers include

  • SURE
  • Super spins


Super Astro Luna lottery is a lottery game of the same type as many others. A player must get a 4-digit ticket, but an addition is that they must choose an astrological sign with it. A player can choose one astrological sign or all 12. Choosing one or all 12 signs offers players to play for prizes in 3 different plans. The minimum bet amount is 500 Pesos while the maximum is 10,000 Pesos. The game is played throughout the week and the results are announced around 8:00 p.m. m local time on Channel One.

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