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Millsboro, Delaware, is yet another overlooked small-town with potential. As a primarily rural community, the locals in the area take pride in their farmland and don’t mind the commute to metropolises farther away. As time has gone on, this beloved small town’s population has grown, attracting residents attracted to simple lifestyles and the absence of city life. Beyond the appreciation for the land and the farming, there are additional aspects of this small town that one can easily fall in love with. Here we discuss all of these and highlight why Millsboro is an inspiring community.

History Tells the Story

One of the things that makes Millsboro so intriguing is the historic sites stationed throughout the community. The National Register of Historic Places lists many of the area’s sites, spreading interest to the area from onlookers across the country. Celebration for culture is also an outstanding element of community that makes Millsboro the inviting region it is. Likewise, the Nanticoke Indian Museum stands as the one and only indigenous peoples’ historic site in the state. Late-1800s establishments like the Harmony Church and the Harmon Farmhouse interest those inspired by history.

Homes for Sale Millsboro, De

Real estate-wise, homes for sale Millsboro, DE has several different options to look into. The majority of homes for sale in the area are two to four bedroom houses in small neighborhoods. As you get closer to Hollyville, a variety of housing is available, including condos, apartments, and houses. There are a couple of mobile-home sections available as well. Many of the neighborhoods are walkable and are close to local shops and conveniences like grocery stores. Houses range from $339K to $725K, depending. You can get a four-bedroom house at 3,500 square feet within the $700K range, giving you a lot to work with for smaller homes as well. Apartments for sale go for prices between $150K to $200K based on neighborhood and proximity to the lively areas. As with most places, the more rural you get, the lower prices fall.

Restaurants and Community

The town of Millsboro is small, leaving only two main areas for restaurants to reside. Dupont Boulevard and the section in the center of Railroad and East State are your main dining and entertainment areas. You can find restaurants, bars, and small huddles of shops and boutiques in these parts. Little but mighty, Millsboro offers local food and entertainment with care and consideration for the folks that live there. As the community does with its restaurants and bars, it places care into its top schools and community.

Water Activities and Boating

Millsboro is right on the water, making it the ideal spot to carry out water activities such as fishing or swimming. Boating options are plentiful and include pontoon boats and charter boats for rent on the marina.


From historic sites to local sincerity, Millsboro is the perfect place to call home for those looking for a simple and caring community.

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