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The language of fashion is full of Anglicism, with a few exceptions leftover from those years when France was the sole authority on style and haute couture for women’s fashion. And the Britishers have been the undisputed leaders in men’s fashion until half of the 20th century.

That is why when it comes to communicating stories related to clothing, we can fall short, abusing italics and quotation marks when talking about ‘total looks’ and ‘outfits’ and ‘ready-to-wear’ and ‘biker jacket’.

In this writing, we give ourselves certain licenses, especially considering that we intend to speak to the 20 countries of Latin America, which have not reached a consensus on what is the correct way to say jacket.

In that order of ideas, we propose to resolve a common misunderstanding, the difference between a t-shirt, a top, and a blouse.

A T-shirt: 

A T-shirt is one of the styling clothes named after the T shape of its sleeves and body. Usually, it comes with a short sleeve and a crew neck which means a round neck and it doesn’t usually have a collar. This garment of cloth covers the torso, buttoned at the front, usually with a collar and sleeves.

A t-shirt, flannel, or polo shirt is a garment that usually has short sleeves, a round neck, no pockets, and no buttons along its front (this last detail is what distinguishes them from the shirts, though they may have two or three on the top front too.

A shirt is the garment of cloth that covers the torso, buttoned in the front, generally with a collar and sleeves. Unlike a shirt, a blouse does not have to come with a fully buttoned vertical opening and does not require a collar.

5 tips that every woman should know when wearing the t-shirt:

1. The t-shirt should be worn mostly with jeans made of comfortable materials and not at all elegant.

2. For hot climates, it is advisable to wear shorts, as long as the place warrants it, for example at home or in a nightclub. If it is in the office, it is better to use something more formal and long.

3. Pants should be worn close to the body to flatter the figure since the shirt is a bit baggy and would not look good with very wide pants.

4. As for the shoes, it is better to wear tennis shoes, which combine perfectly with the sporty look.

5. It is advisable not to wear other highly patterned clothing and let the public’s attention focus only on the shirt.

A Top: 

It is also a clothing item that mostly covers the chest but that usually also covers most of the upper body part between the waistline and neck.

A long sleeved going out top or crop top is a generally feminine garment without sleeves or shoulder straps that covers the top part, leaving it tight on the chest.

What is a crop top?

A crop top is a type of navel top or shirt (it can also be in the form of a shirt or blouse), that is, a type of short top or shirt for the torso that exposes part of the abdomen and waist at the level of the navel.

How is a top different from a crop top?

The cut out crop top differs mainly from the top in that its cut is higher than the navel line. In addition, the top does not have underwires or triangular shapes (logically we are not talking about bras or bikini tops but tops) in its structure and design. Therefore, it is a sexier and more daring garment than the top if possible.

5 Tips for wearing tops and crop tops:

If you want to know how to get the best out of your tops, here you can find some practical tips.

1. Keep in mind that whether you choose a very cropped crop top model, or if you opt for a longer top, beyond the shape of your body’s morphology, the result will depend on its proper combination with the rest of the garments that make up the garment.

2. Combine your crop tops with waisted or high-waisted pants, or what is the same, that the bottom reaches flush with the belly to leave a few careful centimeters visible. You can combine it with both shorts and long pants, such as maxi, mini A-shaped, or tube skirts.

3. Use the layering technique or superimposition technique by wearing your top over a midi dress or even over a t-shirt. Combining a lingerie top with a crop top can create a suggestive effect without revealing anything else.

4. Combine your tops and crop tops with a kimono playing with textures and patterns or try a powerful and colorful print and combine your top with a midi skirt with volume.

5. Garments such as bodysuits and tops are an ideal choice for a night look. Combine a black lace top with white palazzo pants and metallic accessories and we assure you that you will not go unnoticed.

A Blouse: 

The open or closed garment of fine fabric, similar to a shirt, is worn by women mostly and covers the upper part of the body. Unlike a shirt, a blouse does not have to come with a fully buttoned vertical opening and does not require a collar. Blouses accept pieces that substitute the triangle neckline and turn down for the lacing, including long-sleeved and crossed tops and those with an opening to the middle of the chest.

5 important tips to wear a blouse:

1. Make sure the bra straps are not showing and it is pinned safely to both sides of the shoulder.

2. If you are planning to wear a deep blouse, opt for a padded blouse.

3. In the blouse, Doris plays a vital role but make sure you don’t lose it very much or tighten it too much.

4. Go stylish. Don’t hesitate to use latkans and give your blouse an interesting twist.

5. If you are going to wear a sexy back blouse, avoid using a deep neck.

Give your deep-back blouses an interesting twist by adding some latkans to them. You can match these with your saree or lehenga or even completely go all out and try it in a contrasting color!

That’s it for this guide on what is the difference between a t-shirt, a top, and a blouse. If you want to check out the collection of all of these fashions, do not miss to visit, we have a wide variety of designs and types of these garments. Also, if you like to go bold, don’t miss to check the entire collection of our two piece mesh pants set.

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