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Whether you’re a proud new puppy owner or a seasoned kitty owner, there’s one question that comes up time and again: “When can I start using pet insurance?” Well, here’s the answer—and it’s not what you think!

How pet insurance works.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is designed to cover the costs of treating your pet’s illness or injury. Pet owners pay an annual premium and in return, they have coverage for certain diseases and injuries. Some plans will also cover routine care like vaccinations, flea treatments and spaying or neutering surgery. You can purchase a plan that covers accidents, illnesses and routine care (known as a “combined policy”), or one that only covers medical expenses (known as an “illness-only policy”).

How does it work?

When you buy pet insurance, you choose a deductible—the amount of money you would be responsible for paying out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. That means if your dog needs emergency surgery on her leg after being hit by a car, but the cost of treating her is more than $1,200, then you’ll have to pay $1,200 toward the bill before receiving reimbursement from your insurer (minus any applicable co-pays). If the same accident occurred with health coverage from work instead of with pet insurance—and assuming there was no income limit on what your employer pays—you’d get reimbursed right away without having to pay anything extra upfront or wait months until submitting paperwork showing proof that it really happened!

Enrolling your new puppy in pet insurance when you bring it home.

When you bring your new puppy home, find out what pet insurance options are available and enroll it as soon as possible. Don’t wait until your dog gets sick or has an injury to enroll in a health plan; this will only cost more. Once you purchase a plan, no matter if it’s on the first day of the month or at the last minute before your next premium is due, make sure that there is no waiting period before its coverage begins.

If you’re already enrolled in an insurance program and have had an illness or injury with one of your pets, be sure to check with your carrier about any deductions made from their policy fees for claims filed within 60 days preceding their enrollment date (for example: if someone signed up for pet insurance on April 1st but made a claim on March 30th so they could receive reimbursement from their deductible). If this applies to you then try not using those services until after April 1st so as not to incur additional financial penalties from insurers!

When to get pet insurance for a newly adopted dog.

If you adopt a dog, it’s time to consider pet insurance. Most veterinary insurance companies allow for a 30-day waiting period before the policy kicks in. The waiting period can vary by provider and will depend on your company’s policies; some may require that all vaccinations be up to date before beginning coverage, while others will let you go ahead and sign on with them even if the shots aren’t done yet.

The purpose of the waiting period is twofold: it allows for any health concerns from the shelter or rescue group to become apparent and gives time for identification documents to be processed so that a stolen pet does not go unnoticed by their new owners (which happens more often than most people realize).

Buying pet insurance for a sick dog.

When you have a sick dog, buying pet insurance can help you cover the cost of treatment. As with human health insurance, there are many different providers who offer different types of coverage. It’s important to look at all their options before making a decision on which one fits your needs best. Some companies have restrictions on what they cover and some require more out-of-pocket costs than others.

To find out more about getting coverage for your pet if they get sick:

You can ensure you’re covered when you need it most by enrolling early, and disregarding waiting periods.

With pet insurance, you can enroll in a plan at any time.

You can also get coverage for your pet even if they’re already sick or injured.

And if you don’t have all the paperwork ready to go, that’s totally fine too!

You can enroll online or over the phone with most companies—just call 1-800-PetInsurance (1-800-738-4746) to speak with a licensed agent and find out more about how pet health insurance works for your furry loved ones!


The best thing to do is sign up for pet insurance early and start paying for it immediately. The premiums are usually very low, so there’s no reason not to get covered whenever possible. You never know when something might happen, but if you stick with one company over time they’ll give you some perks like discounts on vet bills and free wellness visits just for being part of their program. That way you can keep your furry friends healthy and happy without breaking the bank!

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