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People prefer Poland to run their business because it is among the most innovative countries in Europe in terms of digital assets. While there are many positive aspects of becoming an entrepreneur and opening your own company here, it is important to be prepared for some regulations in the digital assets sector. Local government is working following directives of the European Union, which means all money operations must be monitored and regulated and crypto license in Poland is a part of these norms, just like it is stated on the official website of the SBSB Fintech Lawyers. This type of business registration helps in establishing conditions in which digital coins can be operated legally, without threats to the monetary system. Not everyone prepared to start a cryptocurrency business is aware of the process for obtaining the necessary license.




Why Should You Get Licensed?

Judging by the laws and regulations of the country, Crypto license in Poland is a must for businesses that involve the following operations:

  • exchanging digital coins;
  • exchanging digital coins for fiat currencies;
  • creating custodial digital coin wallets.

If you see that your business is centered around such financial operations, you must go through certain steps and get a license from the local regulation organization. If the company does not have such a type of permission, it can face significant consequences, such as penalties or legal shutdown.

The best motivation to get a Crypto license in Poland, is the list of advantages businesses get when they have obtained it:

  1. potential for development. With such a license, the business can be expanded not only within this country but also to other countries of the European Union;
  2. it does not take long. The entire process of registering a business in this case takes no more than 2-3 months. And if accompanied by specialists, the period may be even shorter;
  3. lack of strict regulatory standards. In this country, you do not have to worry about the physical location of your office or other workspace. It is enough to have a legal address;
  4. excellent conditions for foreigners. Even if you do not have Polish citizenship, you will not be denied registration. There are special programs that allow you to own a business as a foreigner.

These are the top benefits that make Poland an attractive destination for crypto businesses seeking a crypto-friendly jurisdiction with a clear regulatory framework.


Ways To Register Your Business Faster

People who are new to the regulatory standards of doing business in Poland may find it difficult to obtain a license. In this situation, it is preferable to consult experts with adequate expertise in this area. A prime illustration is SBSB, which has been assisting different businesses in acquiring authorization to run digital assets for more than a decade.

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