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Fixed bridges are advanced dental implants that can be used to replace missing teeth and restore a natural, full-functioning smile. For many years, fixed bridges were an option for only those who had sufficient bone for the bridge to be held securely in place. However, advancements in materials have now made this treatment available for those who need partial or complete extractions of teeth. You can consult a cosmetic dentist in Wichita Falls to know whether dental bridges are a viable option for you.

Here are 5 main reasons to consider getting fixed bridges.

  1. To maintain facial shape

When you look at your teeth, you probably notice that there are gaps in your smile. The gaps can be caused by several factors, such as missing teeth that need to be replaced, and/or a misaligned bite. A fixed bridge will help in achieving a beautiful, balanced smile. By filling these spaces with dental implants, the bridge is designed to bring the teeth together in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

  • To fill the space of a missing tooth

While many people can get by with losing a tooth or two, if the missing teeth are in crucial areas, such as the front of your mouth, you will have difficulty chewing and talking properly. A fixed bridge uses dental implants to fill these spaces, restoring full function and an attractive appearance.

  • To prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position

Your teeth can drift out of position as you age. As the teeth move, they will also lose their support from other teeth. A fixed bridge uses dental implants to reattach your remaining teeth to their natural positions, restoring your optimal bite and enabling you to chew properly once again. You can expect a better bite with fixed bridges, supporting your mouth and helping to prevent bone loss and disease. The implant allows the tooth to be raised into a much stronger position in a simple procedure performed by your dental surgeon.

  • To restore chewing and speaking ability

When your teeth are no longer being supported, you may lose the ability to chew and speak properly. A fixed bridge places dental implants into the remaining teeth. One of the advantages of this technique is that it can help to improve speech by aligning your bite and anesthetizing them to prevent movement, thus enabling you to maintain proper speaking form in spite of the gap in your smile.

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