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Some people have problems with their urinary system and do not know it. Others know they have issues yet choose to ignore them, hoping they will disappear. Since your symptoms may indicate you have a serious illness, it would be best to see a urologist immediately. Urologist Joshua R Gonzalez MD affirms that leaving with urinary diseases can be life-threatening, e.g., urinary tract infection.

You are probably asking yourself when you should see a urologist. Without further ado, here are the five reasons you need.

Difficulty or Pain During Urination

Various diseases cause this symptom. You could be suffering from prostate cancer, kidney stones, urinary tract infection (UTI), yeast infection, and so on. To diagnose your condition properly, your doctor will ask you about other symptoms you are experiencing.

Meanwhile, you can manage your pain on your way to your doctor. You can begin by drinking lots of water, which flushes out harmful bacteria. Another tip you can try is eating garlic.

You Have Urinary Incontinence (UI)

Loss of bladder control is embarrassing, yet there is nothing you can do to avoid that. Some people may leak a little urine, while others may release too much of it. This condition can be caused by muscle relaxants, alcohol, caffeine, aging of the bladder muscle, and enlarged prostates.

If your UI is not serious, your urologist may recommend bladder training. This is a technique where you delay urination after getting the urge to go. The goal is to lengthen the time between trips. On the other hand, urologists reserve medications and surgeries for severe UI cases.

You are Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

People with ED are unable to sustain an erection in readiness for sex. Occasionally, you will have such a problem, which is normal. It only becomes worrisome if it goes on for days. ED can be caused by a physical (diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure) or psychological factors (stress and depression).

Since ED can cause conflict between a couple, it would be best to consult a urologist soon enough. Depending on the cause of your symptom, they may consider medications (e.g., avanafil) or penile implant surgery.

Low Sex Drive

It is not unusual to lose interest in sex from time to time. However, if you have not felt the urge for it in some time, your urologist can correct that. Factors that contribute to low sex drive include alcoholism, stress, hormonal problems, and aging.

Before embarking on any treatment, you will receive some counseling. After the session, your urologist will determine the appropriate remedy for you. You may receive treatment through medications or hormone therapy.

You Urinate Frequently

On average, you should urinate 6-7 times a day. If you constantly visit the bathroom many times daily, a urologist may help you out. People who urinate a lot may have a bladder infection, be undergoing cancer treatment, or drinking a lot of beverages.

Behavioral therapy is reserved for less serious cases of this condition and surgery for severe ones.

Did any of the entries in this listicle surprise you? The aim of the article was not to shock you. Some of these issues can disappear after a while. It is upon you to see a urologist when you realize your problems are not going away. We have realized that these issues do not just affect your health but your relationships too. Think about it, would you want to sleep with a spouse who has a UI? You would keep wetting the bed, and that would cause fights. Nevertheless, such people do not need judgment but medical help.

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