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When We Are Finally Out The Other Side Of Restrictions, You Should Consider Bubble Soccer For Team Building, Exercise, And Social Activities Etc.

Most Melburnians have had to spend the past few months at home, isolating ourselves as per government restrictions. No wonder it has been a struggle to motivate us to work out and be fit. The closure of gyms, fitness clubs, and outdoor sporting activities, as well as a limit to activity within our local areas, most are left without their favourite physical activities.

When We Are Finally Out The Other Side Of Restrictions, You Should Consider Bubble Soccer For Team Building, Exercise, And Social Activities Etc.

When we finally get on to the other side of restrictions, it is a good idea to consider some outdoor physical activities.

After this lockdown, getting outside for your physical activity will do wonders for your physical health and mental health as well.

There are a lot of the benefits to physical activity and to being social after months of lockdown and not seeing anyone but the people you live with. No doubt, physical activity is a positive for your mental and physical health, but it also has social benefits. Getting involved in physical activities for team building will help you achieve a positive relationship with anyone you play with.

Some great outdoor activities for team building include bubble soccer, basketball, or cycling, and these can be done at any time of the day. However, it’s best to choose the activities that abide by social distancing regulations, because even after stage 4 restrictions, we still have to be cautious. We have to minimise contact with others as much as possible.

Bubble Soccer can be the best activity for team building, exercise, and social distancing at this time, let me tell you why:

Completely Safe 

Bubble soccer is played by being encased inside a bubble made of sturdy PVC material which means there is no chance of transmission from the nose and mouth. Even the players’ cough or sneezes, the particles are not released in the open air.

Also, there is no touching involved in bubble soccer. Player’s hands are also encased in a bubble, ensuring they don’t touch any contaminated surfaces.

Great Communication Among Colleagues

Bubble soccer is not just about running around, kicking the ball, and scoring a goal. It requires some form of communication and planning before you start playing the game.

Coming up with a strategy on how you would counter your opponent as a team and executing it is essential when playing this game. If you play according to the plan, then only you can win. So, playing bubble soccer improves team building and communication among teammates.

Brilliant Exercise

Playing bubble soccer is an excellent form of exercise as it involves running and movements that require a decent amount of effort. These movements are a great way to burn excess fat and also tone muscle.

Moreover, bubble soccer involves walking, running and bumping into each other, which enhances the formation of healthy bones and flexibility.

For the best bubble soccer sessions in Melbourne, contact Ultimate Bubble Soccer. They keep clients above everything else and take the utmost measures to sanitise the bubble before and after they are used.

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