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Gothic jewelry is a type of jewelry that combines elements from different cultures and periods. It often includes Byzantine, Celtic, and Tudor elements.

History Of Gothic Jewelry

Gothic Jewelry has origins in many cultures such as Celtic, Jewish, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures, to name a few. Different types of Gothic Jewelry can be influenced by other cultures, giving this type of fashion its unique qualities. The most common influence on gothic white-colored seems to be Victorian culture because much of what we see today is reminiscent of the Victorian era’s style.

This style originated in the Victorian Era (1838-1901), where women would wear black or white colored accessories to mourn the death of their loved ones. They would fasten pendants around their necks that represented tears shedding for their lost ones.

This style developed in the 1920s in Germany where the youth wore it to rebel against what they saw as an oppressive government. They would wear crosses that were bent into a shape which was meant to symbolize breaking free from restricted thought. This jewelry became very popular when famous Hollywood celebrities started wearing it in public creating more hype around the look.

Anklets are often made of steel, silver or gold and weigh down the person who wears them so much that walking can become difficult. These types of anklets originally symbolized servitude because women had to do chores while wearing them and were weighed down by their heavy weight thus making completing tasks difficult.

Many different cultures adorn themselves with necklaces designed using Teardrop designs for different reasons. For example, some Aztecs believed that a person’s soul would leave their body in the form of a teardrop. In Cambodia, it is believed that people never truly die but instead become raindrops and are reborn through rainfall.

Gothic bracelets come in forms such as bone-shaped cuffs or barbed wire-shaped ones, to name a few. Up until recently, Vikings only made these types of bracelets from bones belonging to deceased humans, but many gothic jewelry makers have started using fake plastic bones instead of actual human bones to create these types of jewelry because real human bones became very difficult to get a hold on after they illegal across Europe and America.

Gothic jewelry has become very popular and can be found almost anywhere. Some places where gothic fashion is commonly seen include clubs, music festivals, art shows and even funeral homes, which is ironic because this jewelry originated to mourn death. But it is not just worn by those who fit the stereotypical look of what it means to be a “goth.” It is now worn by many different people from all walks of life, including Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Types of Gothic Jewelry:

The main types of jewelry included in Gothic fashion are anklets, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and teardrop necklaces. Chains can include cravats, crosses, padlocks, cuffs and pendants.

  • Rings can include spikes, daggers, skulls, and death heads. Bracelets can consist of bones, padlocks, and handcuffs.
  • Earrings have been made from pearls or silver spoons with a drop of blood hanging from them in the past.
  • Anklets come in many shapes such as a chain mail anklet comes down to one’s feet known as a “mail skank”. Others are shaped like an open padlock attached to a chain.
  • Pendants sometimes have symbols on them, such as swastikas or crosses with barbed wire or thorns around them. The most common type of Gothic pendant is one that features bats’ wings coming off the sides.
  • Cuffs are made from silver or steel and have spikes, barbed wire, or Celtic knots decorating them.
  • Teardrop necklaces are shaped like a teardrop that hangs off the neck with chains coming out of it. They can be attached to other necklaces or just worn around the neck on their own.

Where To Buy Gothic Jewelry Online

The Gothic Merchant offers a wide range of gothic jewelry for men and women, including rings, pendants, bracelets and more. Their range of rings is quite extensive and their variety includes animal rings, Viking rings, skull rings, and many others. Their pendants have the crucifix, pentagram, death heads, and Celtic knots. They also offer various other jewelry such as barbed wire bracelets, skull necklaces, and viking anklets.

Final Thoughts

Gothic jewelry comes in many forms, and many different people across the world wear it. It was originally made to mourn death but has since become popularized around the world.

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