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Where To Take Microsoft Certification Exams?

You could take any Microsoft Certification[detail] role-based or fundamentals exam at Pearson VUE online, as well as in the comfort of your office or home. The online proctoring exam would be delivering maintaining the integrity of the exam results, by monitoring your exam experience by a proctor via microphone and webcam. If you would be interested in taking an online proctored exam through Pearson VUE and desire a better understanding of what to expect prior to registering, this page consists of some important details.

Running a system test

Running a system test on the same computer as well as in the same location from where you would be testing, to verify if your location, internet connection, and the computer would be compatible with the Pearson VUE On VUE software as well as testing guidelines.

Running system test now

Online exams would be currently available in most countries. Note that proctor support, greeter support, as well as proctoring software would be available in a limited number of languages. You would be able to choose this language during the exam registration process; it might be different than the language in which you would be able to take the exam. Most candidates would only have the option of taking an online exam with English-language proctor support, greeter support, as well as proctoring software, despite the language of the exam.

Before you register for an online exam:

  1. Completing the required system test on the same computer as well as in the same location from where you would be testing.
    2. Confirming that your ID would be compliant with the Pearson VUE ID Policy as well as that the name on your Microsoft Certification profile exactly matching the name on the government-issued ID you would be presenting for entering the exam. If you are required to change the name of your Microsoft Certification profile contact Certification Support, as well as a forum moderator would be assisting.
    3. Updating your Microsoft Certification profile with your mobile number, this would also include country code, in case Pearson VUE would require contacting you during the exam. If you would be losing the connection during the exam, this would be the only way Pearson VUE could contact you.
    4. Reading the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). At the beginning of your exam, you must read as well as agree to the NDA and General Terms of utilizing for Microsoft Certification Exams. You would be only given 5 minutes for reading it. Reading it before your exam for ensuring you fully understand the requirements and could agree to them without running out of time. If you don’t agree to the NDA in the time allotted you won’t be able to commence the exam.
    5. Reviewing the system, technical, environment, as well as testing protocol requirements.
    6. Setting-up Local Administrator access to your computer.

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