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If the baby has already been born you will of course know the gender. And nowadays, halfway through the pregnancy, parents already know whether it will be a boy or a girl. You can start looking for an original maternity gift that matches the gender of a child. And no, that does not necessarily have to be something with dolls and cars … This is how you choose a suitable maternity gift for a:

Maternity gift for a girl

A maternity gift for a girl seems easy to find. But there is so much on offer that choosing is not an easy task. First, think about the mother’s style. Would she dress her daughter as girly as possible? Is her room already covered with pink and glitter? Or is it more of a tough-girl mama?

The perfect gifts for baby girl consists of one of the above conditions (reminder, handy, useful or yourself). You can supplement this with, for example:

  • a nice bow or clips for in the hair
  • her name in scaffolding wooden letters
  • a luxury pacifier clip to prevent losing her pacifier
  • a matching accessory for her baby room
  • a notebook for the maternity visit in pink / silver or turquoise tones
  • a toy storage bag or basket, to easily and stylishly store all those toys lying around

But the best maternity gift for a girl is of course a baby bracelet. From pearl bracelets to silver bracelets, possibly with her name on it, and from Swarovski crystals to symbolic birthstone bracelets.

At baby store you can find the best range of baby jewelry. And all bracelets are made of silver parts, so that they always remain beautiful and can simply be taken in the bath.

Maternity gift for a boy

When you think about boys, you think about tough. Even though they are still so small … Suitable for this are, for example, the first (sports) shoes or slippers. You have them in very nice colors and prints. Or something for his children’s room, a nice storage bag or handy toy basket. They will need that when the little one starts playing with all his toys.

You can also use such a basket very well if you want to give a maternity basket. Maternity baskets usually contain 10 smaller maternity gifts that the mother is allowed to open during the maternity period, one each day.

A few other gift ideas for a boy baby:

  • a toy car or train with his name and date of birth on it
  • a cap , looks super nice and is handy with the sun or when you go to the beach
  • a baby sunglasses made especially for children, with a soft and stretchy band in really nice colors, so he stays put
  • a toy cell phone or remote control , as babies love real mom and dad copies and this creates distraction.

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