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See the point here is not what are toppers are referring to during the exams but the other point here is how we actually prepare for the exam here.  This is so very important because that way we will be able to understand the implementation of the different exams as well. 

 There are various books that are always available in the market but one thing that I would like to highlight here is that you should always be able clear your concepts with the books first that ell help you clear your base as well.  The more you refer to the books the more are the chances that you will be able to have a better representation as well.

 Let us try and plan the preparation on the basis of month wise. Its April now, that is the just the beginning of the academic year. We should definitely start with our books. This will give us an edge and will help us gather the basic knowledge: 

  • This study will make us understand the complete syllabus and build concepts that can alter be applied.
  • NCERT solutions helps you to get the grip on the long question other than the MCQs.
  • This will also help us form notes that we can refer to during the revision time.


Come the month of April, we should try to divert our attention more towards the NCERT exemplars. These are the books that will help us test our knowledge gathered through application. This is being suggested that after finishing chapters one by one for Science and Math’s we should move on to solving Exemplar questions of different types Chapter-wise.  This will help us clear our concepts and also understand the applications. For math’s we can use other reference books like RS Agawam   so that we can have the application better.

After this it will be time that we will move on to the question bank segment. We can use different of the service providers like the one of  Educate question bank, where we will be able to find  the best of all l the Previous 10 years questions . 

There will be a considerable collection of MCQs/VSA/SA/LA, along with toppers solved questions and all other answers that will be explained in a detailed step by step explanation. One of the plus points of this question papers are here we will be able to find the solution as per CBSE Marking scheme. These books also make it a point to add question related theories which will help us to crack all other questions related to the topic. CBSE 

We will see that by October there will be more Sample Paper released that will be able to give us the idea of the structure of the upcoming exam.

These sample papers were not less than a blessing for us as the topper’s solved answer sheet as these will be able to help us understand which all are the areas that we need to focus more on. The scoring can ready get higher if we are to practice them more.

Here I have come up with a few pointers that may help you in final exam as well:

  • The first thing here is see if there is any negative marking. If there is no negative marking then do not leave any of the questions unattended
  • Time management is so very important. Try to divide time in a manner that you can attempt all questions. Work on your speed and accuracy.
  • Look out for mcqs that have diagrams and chemical reactions. These are more scoring and so you will be able to have a better representation as well.

Please do not take stress. This is only an exam. 

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