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As we all know there are different types of freight cargo services in the UK. They all are different from each other. If you are not sure and this is coming as something new. We would like you to know the basics. That’s the reason why we have decided to explain the following areas before moving on to the core topic – land freight in UK in comparison to sea freight. 

  • Different Types of Cargo Services in UK 
  • Pros and Cons of Land Freight in UK 
  • Perks and Drawbacks of Sea Freight in the UK 

Different Types of Cargo 

Cargos are taken from one country or place to another in numerous ways – usually and mostly through the means of transportation available in a country. It means a country without a sea will surely not be able to cater to sea freight. Likewise, if a city or country doesn’t have the means to provide receiving or cargo then those cargo services will not be available. However, three main modes of freight services are mentioned below. 

#1: Sea freight 

#2: Land freight 

#3: Air freight 

Best Freight Services in UK 

When we discuss freight services in the UK. It always makes us recall two types of freight services that have gained considerable acknowledgment and fame all over the world. With the kind of sea UK possesses, cargo is easily taken from one country to another. Cargos are of two types, private and commercial – each of them has some traits which you might or might not prefer. Knowing that it leaves you in a baffling situation – whether to hire sea freight in UK or not. Well, to solve the confusion, we are here with all that should be shared. But before that, you are the only one who would know about the hiring – which is the best transportation or cargo service. 

How to Decide if Sea Freight is Best for your Needs? 

Shipments are done in different sizes, shapes, and types of containers. If your consignment is not huge and doesn’t require a full-loaded container. You can choose the most appropriate one that is relatively smaller or can be shared. Let’s take a closer look at the types of containers we have to cater to your needs. 

Types of Containers for Sea Freight and Cargo Services 

Typically, there are 9 different types of containers. Each is different from the other and holds special qualities. However, some of them are widely and most frequently used. Others exist but don’t have much use – only particular types of goods are transported in those containers. 

Type #1: dry storage containers

Type #2: double door containers 

Type #3: tunnel containers 

Type #4: flat racked containers 

Type #5: ISO refrigerated containers 

Type #6: open side containers for storage 

Type #7: thermal containers 

Type #8: open topped containers  

Type #9: half heighted containers 

Now you see with all these types and categories, it is very hard to decipher which is the best for your needs. That’s the reason why freight forwarding companies in UK or anywhere else come into action. If you are in the UK, you will naturally seek guidance from the company that will be hired. That said, it becomes important to mention British Freight. This is a company that offers various types of cargo services. It includes all main types of services – land, sea, and air. However, like any other company, sea freight in UK is much more in demand than any other type. 

Sea Freight aka Ocean Freight in UK – Pros & Cons

What is sea freight? Well, in simplest words, sea freight is transporting goods from point A to point B (usually internationally and not locally) through sea or ocean. We need ships to take goods in containers. As mentioned above, there are different types and categories of containers for various industries, etc. These containers are loaded with items and then are put in the ship which takes it to the destination. 

According to a study, roughly 90% of transported items are taken through sea freight. Also, in the study experts found out that 70% of them are sent to the destination in the containerized cargo. Although there are special vessels that are used to carry high volumes and heavy cargo. Heavy items include fertilizers, grains, salts, and animal feed.  

Advantages of Sea Freight in the UK 

Best freight services in UK are through sea freight with the following perks and bounties. 

Advantage #1: Cost-Effective 

This is the best way to transport goods at cheap rates or cost. Why it is so? Well, the reason is simple – freight shipping is calculated on the number, type, and dimensions of the container you hire. Usually, this method remains the most cost-effective. 

Advantage #2: Transports Cargo in Large Volumes 

If a client or you want to transport goods in bulk or large volume, the role of sea freight is commendable. 

Advantage #3: Eco-Friendliness

Sea freight is eco-friendly because ships don’t leave a huge percentage of carbon. It will be wrong if we say it doesn’t emit carbon at all. But the point is something else – the percentage of carbon footprints is relatively smaller than other means of transportation.  

Advantage #4: Reliable Way to Transport Goods

Sea freight is comparatively much more reliable than air or land freight cargo services. This method of freight has a 99.99% of success rate.  

Disadvantages of Sea Freight in UK 

With advantages come some drawbacks. Therefore, some of the main problems or concerns of sea freight in UK are mentioned below. 

Disadvantage #1: Slow Transits

One of the disadvantages of sea freight is slow transit timings. It is said that sea freight is ten times slower than air freight. 

Disadvantage #2: Delays are Expected 

Another drawback attached with sea freight is delayed entrance to destination, in loading or unloading cargo, etc.

Land Freight in UK 

Now that we have discussed sea freight in UK in detail. It is time to know about land freight in UK. First thing first, what is land freight? Land is the means through which items are transported. However, this includes two sources – trains and trucks. Both are different and have different mechanisms to complete any cargo service. When a truck is loaded it usually takes approximately one hundred and fifty (150) and fifteen thousand (15000) pounds in LTL (less than a truckload). Likewise, other containers which are loaded in a truck include FTL (full truck load). Entire container is mostly taken by one client in FTC and half or partial space is booked in LTL.  

Advantages of Land Freight in UK (Road Cargo Services)

Following are some of the most common perks of hiring land freight. 

Advantage #1: Affordable

Extremely affordable and reasonable particularly for short routes.

Advantage #2: Extremely Organized

Well-organized to the extent that often single administrative document is enough for the uninterrupted movement of products to several countries and even continents despite the fact that Brexit has created some issues related to increased cost, fluent supply, and clearance for the UK and Europe.

Advantage #3: Easier and Convenient

House-to-house service has become easier like never before. 

Disadvantages of Land Freight in UK (Road Cargo Services)

Some disadvantages of booking land freight cargo services are mentioned below. 

Disadvantage #1: Hurdles in Delivering  

Small vehicles may create a hurdle for delivering a large number of products concurrently.

Disadvantage #2: Unforeseen Incidents

Unforeseen incidences like harsh weather and traffic jams on the way are other disadvantages that may delay the supply of the products to the customers.

Land Freight – Train or Rail Cargo Services 

Other than road cargo services, we have rail cargo services included in land freight and forwarding services. Rails are used in order to transport containers, general or special freights, intermodal containers, and bulk materials. 

Advantages of Rail Cargo Services 

Let’s check out some pros of hiring or renting rail services to transport goods from one place to another. 

Advantage #1: Good Number of Freight Trains

The number of trucks carried by the most competent road freight and rail freight trains is 400. 

Advantage #2: Considered Friendly

Rail freights are global friendly in regard to releasing 76 percent less carbon.

Advantage #3: Budget Friendly

It is budget-friendly for long routes.

Advantage #4: Delivery on Time

Given a specific timeframe, uncontrolled factors like weather and traffic can be controlled through rail freights to deliver goods on time to the customers. 

Disadvantages of Rail Cargo Services 

Here are some disadvantages of taking rail cargo services for transportation.  

Disadvantage #1: Not Pocket Friendly

Rail cargo is not pocket-friendly for short routes.

Disadvantage #2: Lacks Monitoring

Due to the lack of expert monitoring, rail freight is not feasible for dangerous cargoes that include flammable, poisonous, or corrosive nature products. 

Comparison of Sea Freight and Land Freight in UK 

We are sure you have a clear idea about sea and land freight pros and cons. This is the right time to ask certain questions. By answering these questions, you will have an idea of which is the best freight services in UK. 

Questions to Determine Sea or Land Freight in UK is Good for Your Needs 

… and the questions are; 

Question #1: what kind of goods or items do I have to transport?

Question #2: what is my budget?

Question #3: what is the ideal time frame for getting the goods shipped?

Question #4: what are the procedure for sea and land freight services? 

By answering these questions, you will be able to understand the need of shipping your cargo. If you have any queries related to our cargo services. Don’t hesitate and let us know. We would love to help you out.  

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