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BJJ Gi or NoGi game, which one is more realistic and practical? It’s a classic debate among Jiu-Jitsu practitioners. Finding the best BJJ gi or No-gi for your frame and training style is tough. If you are Brazilian jiu-jitsu you must be aware of how heated this argument becomes. There are pros & cons’ to both of the training. Many experts take the side of one game & claim it to be better than the other. However, NoGi BJJ is somehow more realistic as it incorporates submissions and chokes that involve don’t involve Gi. Regardless of the fact what’s your rank or how your BJJ game is, you will certainly develop a preference. Or there will be a least favorite one. In this article, we will explore both games & try to figure out which game type is more beneficial. 

Differences among Gi & NoGi

If you are a BJJ practitioner you probably know the differences between both styles. But if you are a beginner we will guide you through it. Gi & NoGi both are types of BJJ. Gi BJJ is grappling that incorporates traditional Gi & is useful in certain grappling types and techniques. However, NoGi grappling doesn’t involve traditional Gi. In NoGi games you don’t get to grapple your opponent by his clothing. But yes different rules depending on the competition format.

Clothing Differences: 

The main difference between Gi & NoGi is clothing. In NoGi BJJ you get to wear the rash guard and shorts. In BJJ Gi grappling you usually wear the traditional Gi which is used for the advantage when you roll. We are inclined to say here that NoGi is a bit more realistic in real life because you don’t fight people in the street with the Gi on.

Training Differences:

The major difference between both of the game styles is the use of Gi in grappling. The NoGi training is high-paced compared to Gi. Because there are not so many methods of holding and stalling your opponent when rolling. However, breaking grips is easier in NoGi as you get to rely on your grip strength. Apart from the high speed, many other tactics are different between the two games. Gi Submissions are usually executed by applying various grips. Which is not possible with NoGi. Gi can be used only in various submissions but for completely controlling & dominating your opponents. It’s like using their clothing against them.

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Technical Differences: 

People usually do not understand using Gi for submission reduces the need for natural abilities like strength & speed. The application of the proper technique in a NoGi is more practical as it promotes the use of natural abilities with a higher success rate. But, Gi techniques tend to be more advanced & complicated. In NoGi game strength & speed gives you more advantage over your opponent. But here is a downside, NoGi dominant positions are not dangerous as Gi. Which makes a secure submission harder.

Which is better? For Street Fighting

Gi-BJJ opens up more opportunities; it has more moves, submissions, grappling techniques, while the no-gi game style is more close to real situations. It is comparatively fast & it’s also true that you don’t have access to clothing materials i.e shirtless while fighting. But gi offers more options and grabbing and holding the stuff is normal with every ‘fight’ preventing it can be hard sometimes. Some Jiu-Jitsu experts also say no-gi resembles street fighting, because of the intensity & fast pace. The Gi & gripping style could resemble street fighting more due to a variety of techniques but those are unlikely to be used in real-life scenarios as your normal clothes will tear & rip. The control of the opponent that he does by gi helps in taking things a step further that is why gi training is also engaging. 

Gi or NoGi?

The answer is not what you are looking for. In our opinion, both of the training have their pros and cons. The choice of which grappling style one should practice varies from person to person. 

If you want to be an MMA star, then focusing on NoGi training can be more beneficial to you. If you want to participate in Gi competitions and tournaments, you must practice Gi training. But practicing both of the game styles will buy bigger advantages.

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