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India is a country that is diverse in nature. It not only has different languages, cultures, and traditions, but the climate varies too. It is cold for some part of the year and extremely hot for a few months. So the bedding needed for a night of comfortable sleep is also different. But there are so many different options that it becomes difficult to know what to buy. Winters can be especially uncomfortable as it gets really cold. Though Dohar and comforters are a great choice and available from retailers like Wakefit, which is warmer? Read below to learn more:

What is a Dohar?

The Dohar is known by several names, it is known as Razai in many Asian countries and quilt in the rest of the world. Traditionally a Dohar is made of three layers with stuffing in between the top and bottom layer. The inner material called filling or batting is not seen unless the top and the bottom layers are ripped apart. Dohar is reversible and can be used on either side as both layers are made of cotton. It is unlike other blankets as it looks classy due to the stitching style.

What is a Comforter?

The comforters are sheets that can be used on top of your sheets like the quilts. The comforter too has layered bedding but it is thicker than the Dohar. There is more filling in between the two layers, unlike Dohar which has only a thin layer of batting. The comforter gives a soft cloud-like feeling and is good for places where it gets quite chilly. The best part is that it can be used on both sides. These are called reversible comforters and offers more versatility.

Difference between Dohar and Comforter?

When you are new to a bedding purchase there are many terms floating around like quilts, comforters, Dohar, etc. Comforters or Dohars serve the same purpose, to provide warmth but the difference lies in your preferences, style, cost, and material. Knowing the similarities and differences helps to determine what you should buy.

  • Material: There is not much difference in the fabric used in the top and bottom layers of both Dohar and comforter. However, the inner filling material varies. The Dohar will have a thin layer of batting whereas the comforter will have either down, cotton, microfiber, etc filling.
  • Cost: The cost of Dohar and comforter depends on the quality of construction, the material used, size, and the brand. The price range of a good quality Dohar starts from Rs 1,000 for single bed size. The comforter price range starts around Rs 1,400.
  • Style: Dohar or quilts can be machine stitched or hand-made. The hand-made Dohars are more in demand and popular as it offers a unique style. The patchwork pattern has many different styles. The comforters come in many colours, textures, and patterns. The printed comforters offer a unique style and pattern.
  • Uses: Both Dohar and comforters can be used in cold as well as warm conditions. But comforters offer more warmth and get adjusted to body temperature and hence suited for colder weather. Dohar is not very bulky and is used in warmer weather when you need a blanket when the AC fully kicks in and you start to feel a little cold at night.

Who should buy what?


  • Ideal for people who sleep hot. It is lightweight and thin when compared to comforters and hence useful during summer and for people who get nightly sweats due to blankets heating the body.
  • Good for people who do not want a cloud-like fluffy feel and are okay with the bed being flat.
  • People who like the layered look. It is also for people who get really cold and want another layer apart from a comforter. It adds more texture, layers, and warmth.


  • Need more flexibility with your bedding and have many layers. Since the comforters give a cloud-like soft feel, it is recommended for people who want to sleep comfortably.
  • Good for people who get chilly at night. It is also great for people who sleep with a partner who likes the AC to be set for colder temperatures. Due to the filling in the comforter, it provides more warmth.
  • Like easy care and maintenance. These can be machine washed and sun-dried.
  • It is ideal for people who live in places that do not get too hot. It can be an all-season blanket for such places as you will not get sweaty using it.

So, those who sleep hot and don’t want heavy material on them should opt for Dohar. Since it is thin and allows air circulation it won’t overheat and good for hot sleepers. Additionally, it is good for people who like stylish bedding and want the bedroom to be lively and colourful. People who like to pair their Dohar with another blanket would like the extra layering.

Comforters are ideal for people who sleep cold. They are warm and soft and are good for both cold and warm seasons. It provides great comfort during sleep as it is soft and prevents too much layering even on cold nights.

Things to consider when Buying Dohar or Comforter

Whether you buy a Dohar or a comforter, there are a few things to consider.

  • Thread count: It is an important factor to consider as it determines not just softness but also durability. A strong weave that is durable also increases lifespan and breathability.
  • Materials: Cotton is the most popular material for both Dohar and comforter as they are natural materials. They can retain heat, are soft and breathable. When choosing a comforter or Dohar consider the filling material too as it can affect the overall quality.
  • Size: Buy the bedding that is the same size as the mattress. However, if you are sharing a bed and your partner has a different preference opt for different sizes and types as per needs.

Whether you opt for a comforter or a Dohar is more of a choice made based on needs or preferences. But choose high-quality bedding sets that create a great sleep environment. It is a great way to feel warm at night and drift to sleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.





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