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The 22/23 season has been a rollercoaster for Tottenham. The season started with great hopes under Antonio Conte, which would later dip from mid-season. Since his departure, the caretaker Ryan Mason has been unable to get good results, probably shedding light on Conte’s words on the lack of passion from players.

Despite Harry Kane continuing his scoring and playmaking, he can’t help Mason secure the job. We shall look at several jobless managers who can fill the managerial boots of the London team.

Julian Naenglesman

Former Bayern Munich coach is linked with Chelsea, a job he might ignore, considering the woes at the Club. The Spur’s position is perfect, as the team can still qualify for a UEFA or Europa League spot. With the initial prospect, Tuchel appointed to his former team, he remains a favorite. 

The team in London is similar to that he coached back in RB Leipzig, especially the front three. He might, however, not have Harry Kane in his camp since he is linked to a move to Manchester United. This will be an advantage to most bet way fans, as Kane will have higher chances of scoring in a more developed United team. 

Mauricio Pochettino

You want Mauricio Pochettino back if you’re a Spurs fan, considering his coaching days were some of the best in the team’s history. Moreover, Mauricio managed to take Spurs to the Champions League finals. 

The semi-finals was one for the books, remembered by Betway and Tottenham lovers for the dramatic comeback in the second leg. Pundits argue that the Italian already has the antidote to the squad and could bring the fighting spirit as observed in the 2019 UCL semis against Ajax. 

Additionally, most would argue he never got the type of players he wanted from the board, a luxury extended to some of his successors. Pochettino is the perfect replacement if he doesn’t go to the London rivals, Chelsea. 

Graham Potter

Graham Potter’s stint at Chelsea has hurt his managerial value, but sympathizers say he didn’t get enough time with the Blues. He was also coaching an entirely new squad, some players acquired after the World Cup, not to mention the injuries to his key players like Kante. 

Taking Spur’s job can be revolutionary, where he can efficiently work with the already set-up squad. There’s also relatively less pressure at Tottenham, an ingredient for good results from any coach. 

Potter has also shown interest in Southampton if they don’t get relegated. The team’s chances of surviving are unlikely, making the Spur’s spot one of his next options. 

Roberto De Zebri

Brighton might lose a coach again, Graham Potter’s replacement eyed by Tottenham. De Zebri has been excellent, helping the side maintain their spot in the upper half of the table, now seated 8th with 52 points. 

To the delight of those who stake for Brighton on Betway, his squad has been impressive, recently reaching the FA semi-final. It took a penalty shootout to be eliminated by Manchester United. 


Above are some coaches who might take the job at Tottenham next season. Each prospect would hope that the formidable striker, Harry Kane, can remain in the team and help them in their course. 

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