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White Chicks Cast, Crew, Premise, Trivia, Crictic’s Review, and All You Need to Know

The rumours are going around of White Chicks 2. We don’t have confirmation yet but soon this will be announced. So we thought why not revisit the original White Chicks and fulfill our nostalgia? This article will refresh our memories of White Chicks Cast and the short premise.  White Chicks is a 2004 comedy of errors genre movie. It generated moderate to negative reviews from the critics but was a box-office success. Since then it has been considered a cult classic in the comedy genre and the word ‘Iconic’ is registered with the White Chicks Cast. 

What was the premise of White Chicks?

When Two FBI Agents Marcus and Kevin Copeland couldn’t burst the drug racket accidentally. After that, they were assigned to save two socialites Tiffany and Brittany Wilson from getting kidnapped as their punishment.

FBI plans to use Marcus and Kevin as bait to prevent Tiffany and Brittany but when these two socialites get to know the plan of the FBI, they refuse to go. After some confusion, when both FBI agents see the situation is getting out of hand. They plan to become sisters and pose as African-American blonde white women.

Fun Fact About White Chicks Cast

Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans are the real brothers who played FBI agent brothers Kevin and Marcus Copeland in the cast of White Chicks Twins.

Fun Fact About White Chicks Cast

What was the cast of White Chicks?

Now let us remind ourselves of White Chicks cast. 

Lead Cast of White Chicks – Shawn Wayans as Kevin Copeland and Brittany Wilson, Marlon Wayans as Marcus Anthony Copeland II, and Tiffany Wilson as White Chicks cast sisters.

Characters actors of White Chicks – Jaime King as Heather Vandergel, Busy Philipps as Karen Googlestein, Jennifer Carpenter as Lisa Anderson, Jessica Cauffiel as Tori Wilson, John Heard as Warren Vandergeld, Brittany Daniel, Terry Crews as Latrell Spencer, Frankie Faison, Lochlyn Munro, Eddie Velez, Rochelle Aytes, Maitland Ward, Anne Dudek, Faunea A. Chambers, Drew Sidora, John Reardon, Steven Grayhm, and Casey Lee as White Chicks Cast.

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Where were the White Chicks filmed?

The Filming of The White Chicks happened partially in Chilliwack and Victoria in British Columbia and in the Hamptons in New York with the White Chicks Cast. 

Who was the crew of White Chicks?

We often neglect the fact that a movie isn’t made by only the actors whom we see on the screen. On the contrary, it is the crew of a movie who do most of the hard work and make a movie what it looks like.

Who was the crew of White Chicks

So it’s high time we should recognize and give credit to the crew members alongside the White Chicks Cast.

Who was the Director?

Kennen Ivory Wayans directed White Chicks. If you’ve guessed it, he’s also a member of the Wayans Family. He started as a comedian and later became an actor and filmmaker. In most of the movies he directed, he and his family members have starred in it. 

Who was the Producer?

Rick Alvarez, Lee R. Mayes, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, and Shawn Wayans produced White Chicks. Ricky Alvarez is the one you remember who was the executive producer of Sweet Micky For President (2015) and co-written and produced Fifty Shades Of Black (2016).

Who was the Writer?

Xavier Cook, Shawn Wayans, Kennen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Andy McElfresh, and Michael Anthony Snowden wrote the movie and intended to make White Chicks a vulgar R-rated Comedy but Sony Pictures denied that idea because of the distribution and advised the writers to make this more of PG-13 comedy movie so that it can reach to the larger audience with the White Chicks Cast.

What was the runtime of White Chicks?

It’s a 1hr 48min comedy movie full of memorable scenes consisting of ‘A Thousand Miles’ song by Vanessa Carlton. It was such a huge rage when it came out. A fun fact regarding this song is that Terry Crews who played Latteral Spencer of White Chicks Cast loved this song to the extent that he memorized the whole lyrics and rhythm of the song and completered the scene in one take.

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What is the Trivia related to White Chicks?

There are so much trivia about White Chicks and we’re going to find out some of them here:

  • The person who did the special makeup effects in White Chicks is Greg Cannom who had done previously in Mrs Doubtfire (1993) and The Mask (1994).
  • Steven Bernstein, the cinematographer, shot the ‘1000 Miles’ scene performed by Terry Crews (Latrell Spencer) of White Chicks Cast in only one take.
  • In an interview, Marlon Wayans who played Tiffany in the White Chicks Cast said that the character of Tiffany Wilson is based on Paris Hilton and the character of Brittany Wilson is on Nicky Rothschild.
  • The original draft of The White Chicks was written as a comic remake of Gone with the Wind (1939) and it was based in Beverly Hills.
  • The Original Title of White Chicks was Finalised as ‘The Miltons’ which synchronized with The Hiltons on whom the movie is spoofed.
  • Upon release, the movie was bashed out by the critics and got nominations for five Golden Raspberry Awards including the Worst Picture. 
  • It was actors Rochelle Ayetes, Heather Mcdonald, Jennifer Olelsiuk, Kerbie O’neill, and Kristin York’s debut of White Chicks Cast.
  • White Chicks has a similar storyline and some of the characters besides names, like Some Like It Hot (1959).

What was Crictic’s review of White Chicks?

Most of the Critic’s weren’t happy with the outcome of White Chicks. A top Critic Nell Minow of Common Sense Media described the movie as predictable non-original and non-laughable. 

Another top Critic Nick Schager of Lessons of Darkness wrote about White Chicks as a bathroom humour movie, with pathetic brainless jokes, and forceful romantic scenes.

When is the sequel of White Chicks coming?

In 2009, Sony Pictures announced the sequel of White Chicks but they had to cancel it due to some personal reasons. In 2019 on Watch What Happens Live, Terry Crews (Latrell Spencer) of White Chicks Cast said that the work on the sequel of White Chucks has begun and the cast of White Chicks 2 will return.


White Chicks is a one-time watch fun movie that becomes enjoyable when we watch it with our friends. The viewers have a nostalgic effect with the White Chicks cast as it works to enhance the popularity of the movie all across the world.

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