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Customers are looking for cloud solutions because they often face difficulties. After all, it can be difficult for them to get access to the traditional file servers when they are using mobile devices for file sharing. Cloud migration is also used to avoid server replacement and is a great way to reduce management costs. The process of cloud migration is time-consuming because the users don’t have an idea about the system and have to get training to use the new platform. The admins using the system have to reconfigure to get access and permissions to the file and folder structures. When data is migrated, and the file servers are exposed to the third-party like Dropbox, SharePoint, and OneDrive, it can be a major threat to your business. The secret and critical business data are in danger as it gets in control of the third-party.

The CentreStack Solution

CentreStack offers the best solution to the users to help them maintain control over their data. They are the best cloud provider, and you have to install the CentreStack package. If you have the Amazon EC2 server, you have to configure and store it on Amazon S3. This will allow you to create a multi-tenant and give you access to the self-hosted file sharing platform. This can be done by the existing Amazon credits that you have not used to date. The Microsoft Azure data center offers an Azure Compute system, and it also gives you access to the Azure Blob Storage. If you live somewhere outside the United States, then you can get access to the CentreStack by choosing any data center.

When the CentreStack server gets in your access, it helps you instruct and guide the install agents. The customer file servers also become easy to synchronize, and the existing file shares are in your control. The third-party has to ask for your permission before accessing a file. You can also use the existing shares until the migration hasn’t been completed. When the migration is completed, you can keep the file server as a local gateway and can form a cloud-only file and get access to it on various platforms. The process is easy and seamless, and you don’t require any downtime or training.

White label file sharing features

CentreStack allows eliminating a lot of common drawbacks that a remote file server can create. It makes it easier for you to get access to the remote file server. It is the best Dropbox alternative and makes online folder sharing easy. You get control over all the local file servers and get to work more efficiently. Online folder sharing becomes easier with white label file sharing.


CentreStack allows the users to integrate with Office 365. This makes web-based co-editing easier. You can also co-author the files that are shared within the folder.

Large Folder

The users can use the Outlook integration and share large files and folders by using the web links.

Link Sharing

It gives you the authority to convert the shared files and share them using the web links.

Mobile Application

The users can get access to the shared files and folders and can view them from mobile devices like the iPhone or Android phone.

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