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Who is an ideal candidate for liver transplant surgery? In the human body, the liver happens to be one of the most important organs. It would point to the fact that you cannot survive without the liver. They go on to perform a lot of important functions in the human body. It removes the toxins along with syntheses of proteins. With the help of a liver transplant, the damaged liver of a patient is being replaced with a healthy one. This could be taken from another person. It is only suggested when alternative medicines do fail to achieve in the desired results and a surgery works out to be the only option. There is no machine or module that can go on to restore the normal function of the liver at this point of time. When it is the case of acute liver failure when the healthy liver has gone on to face a massive injury. This does point to the signs along with inefficiency of the liver. There are a lot of factors which can contribute to acute liver failure. But out of the lot viral infections tops the list. A sense of confusion does creep in once you suffer from jaundice. It would point to the yellowing of the skin. The toxins that are metabolized by the liver are known to accumulate. This is in complete contrast to chronic liver patients, who go to survive for months waiting for their turn for liver transplant. Here the patients are listed on the basis of priority. All this is done waiting for the turn of the donor. One thing you need to understand is that the liver has enormous ability in order to respond to injuries. The typical repair over the years could lead to scars at a permanent level. Towards the end of scarring, the process goes by the name of cirrhosis. You reach a point where the liver can no longer go on to repair itself. Once a person reaches this condition they find themselves in a situation where the liver is not able to function in a proper manner. You can term it as a decomposed state of liver. Though any form of medications can reduce the symptoms caused by liver pain, with the aid of transplantation permanent care could be worked out. As far as the best liver transplant doctor in India is concerned a detailed evaluation is undertaken. There are numerous patients who are at the end of stage of liver transplant. But in no way you can say that all of them are candidate for liver transplant. Ideally the patient should be in a position where they are able to survive the operation and deal with the post-surgical complications. The prime objective needs to be to prevent any infections and undertake any activities which may damage your liver like drinking of alcohol. There are some conditions where it would be difficult to undertake a liver transplant. If the cancer has gone on to spread outside the liver it becomes difficult]]>

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