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German Kabirski was born on the 30th of June, 1964, and he is a renowned jewelry manufacturer and designer. He was the founder of German Kabirski Inc., which expanded to form an intl. Luxury brand. Kabirski designs jewelry pieces that never fail to appeal to celebrities; hence, they become his loyal customers. He is popular for his contemporary designs of jewelry that are created from cut and natural rough gemstones, gold, and silver. However, German Kabirski also experiments with other materials like snake backbones, wood, pebbles, fur, feathers, etc. 

The innovative mind

German Kabirski is acknowledged as a contemporary designer, and he works with a mission to reinvent jewelry. This is why he offers bold and unique statement accessories that cater to people who want to express themselves in place of adorning. The exclusive thing about Kabirski is he prefers to see beyond the traditional approach because this approach displays the social status and wealth of the jewelry owner. Kabirski is a huge favorite with people as he embraces individuality and freedom and gives importance to imperfections and flaws as they assist in creating the finest art pieces similar to human characters.

Quartz Jewelry

The contemporary jewelry collection of Kabirski features natural raw as well as cut Quartz of various colors like Lemon Quartz, Rose Quartz, White Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Green Quartz. 

The usage of raw stones

Kabirski prefers to work with raw stones as he believes that polished stones do not emit any energy. These stones undergo various processes of artificial enrichment, such as irradiation, chemical processing, and heating. All these processes are done to form shiny and glamorous commercial products. According to Kabirski, using polished stones does not hold any value because these stones kill a stone’s precious aspect, which is its soul. He works with virgin and wild stones as he loves the energy these stones emit, and the most remarkable thing is they look unique in every aspect. The shapes of these stones were formed over many years, and Kabirski feels that these stones are deeply alive and rich. 

More on the styles of Kabirski

Kabirski works with a unique style that concentrates on integrating control and chaos. He is a Russian jewelry designer, and his jewelry collection uses raw stones only, and they are sourced as well as purchased directly. In this way, he becomes assured of getting premium quality products. All the pieces feature natural and sophisticated stones, and they are also skillfully shaped metals. 

Kabirski combines gold, rhodium, and silver into these designs, and he prefers to play with dimension and texture to form enticing designs. He uses his artistic recognition within his work, and he gets inspiration from nature. Kabirski utilizes costly gemstones like Peridot, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, etc., to infuse his exclusive pieces with both radiance and color.

Be Modern 

All the modern jewelry pieces from the house of German Kabirski are created from rose, yellow, and white gold, semi-precious and precious gemstones, and diamonds. If you buy these jewelry pieces, you will find every piece to have been boxed, shipped, and insured. Hence, you can be assured of their safe arrival.

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