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As I scan through pages, Lorraine Chen and a certain website, specterecommerce.com, is always showing! Mixed reviews are popping up. Some say Lorraine scammed them. On the other hand, there are a lot of reviews saying thank you to this woman and her system. Okay, it got my attention.

I want to know if Lorraine Chen is a scammer?


Lorraine Chen was employed at Boba Tea Shop. Lorraine used to work at a place she hated. Her frustrations inspired her to create an online course to help others be their own bosses, enjoy freedom, and earn money.

She self-taught herself and reached out to a few other mentors to fully equip herself with the needed skills in demand in ecommerce at the time. She is a talented entrepreneur who is willing to help you break into dropshipping. 

In the e-commerce world, her expertise in dropshipping and Amazon FBA is noteworthy.

Lorraine Chen is a legit coach and an 8-digit e-commerce expert. She owns multiple online stores and earns between 100,000-500,000 US dollars a month  and has in-depth experience in Facebook advertising, e-commerce Dropshipping and digital marketing.

She is also the founder of Specter Ecommerce. She’s also a trainer and coach who started getting above-average salary jobs. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in Ecommerce, she was able to build her own foundation and courses to help beginners develop their skills.

She believes that everyone can thrive in this field, which is why she has created a detailed course on dropshipping as well as other strategies to assist each student on their road to success. 

She helps people learn the skills to open an online store and obtain remote personal e-commerce through their online career courses. It is geared towards beginners and guides you from basic

She has helped more than 100 people set up their online store, and through her free training, she quit her job and turned to do direct shipment behalf of the consignor freedom to live

She has assisted thousands of people in regaining the ability to do whatever they want in life. Forget about spending the rest of our lives cooped up at a desk, earning a pittance. Thousands of people were able to take control of their lives, enjoy newfound freedom, and live without a demanding boss thanks to Lorraine Chen’s assistance. As corporate slaves, we are all familiar with this problem.

Living paycheck to paycheck is the real con. Despite having a 9-5 job, I am barely able to pay all of my bills. I was able to regain control thanks to Lorraine Chen’s course and help. You will be working from the comfort of your own home with the course she teaches. 

Earn passive income online without the hassle of unpleasant coworkers and demanding bosses. You have complete control over your time and output. With that setup, I was able to maximize my productivity.


After talking to Lorraine Chen, she seems like a down to earth person and very passionate about Ecommerce and helping her students.

If you do research on her you can see that she has been doing ecommerce and dropshipping successfully for years without any issues

She has very deep knowledge in ecommerce and understands how to help beginners make passive income from home, which is why she is such an amazing coach

She is a successful entrepreneur in her field, and definitely has the ability and experience in dropshipping.

What Does Lorraine Chen Do?

Lorraine understands how to highlight the most valuable aspects of your professional experience and market them to potential customers in the most attractive way possible.

She provides a mentorship program on how to increase targeted traffic to your website, ensure that traffic converts into leads and sales, and increase the profitability and growth of your store.

Lorraine is also a digital marketing and e-commerce strategy expert. She assists aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners in starting and growing their E-commerce businesses.

The best part is, she has extensive experience in running and growing highly profitable online businesses. 

Also, if you register in her online course, Specter E-commerce, you will have the opportunity to receive exclusive E-commerce content.

So, regardless of your level of experience, Specter E-commerce is undeniably an excellent choice for enrolling in a dropshipping course.

With the help of Coach Lorraine Chen, you can transform your business in an age of digitization and rapid change.

Coach Lorraine Chen has extensive experience in starting, growing, and running profitable businesses. She understands how to combine traditional business methods with rapidly changing e-commerce technologies.

Using her Specter Ecommerce course, she helps store owners or aspiring entrepreneurs become more financially successful. She runs Specter E-commerce, an online training platform with hundreds of courses to help you explore your interests and advance your career.

Coach Lorraine has worked with business owners at all stages of development over her years of delivering E-commerce sessions. As an Ecommerce business coach, she has helped business owners and newcomers to increase online sales, profit margins, and customer satisfaction.

If you are a motivated and driven individual, then success is an attainable goal. Let us reach it together, starting today with Lorraine Chen.


I don’t think Lorraine Chen is a scam. She’s just a quick learner who is able to master all the skills and knowledge of eCommerce in a short span of time and has a vision to share this success to everyone.

And just to eliminate a common question from people new to the idea of making money via the internet, NO this is NOT a scam.

But it’s not a walk in the park either. Which is why people often seek out dropshipping courses to help them learn the ropes, because if you jump in without knowing anything at all, there’s a good chance you won’t get very far.

The real reason people like Lorraine Chen are successful is that they’re not afraid to tackle something that appears difficult for most people.They’re developing their skills everyday. 

The fact that myself & people like Lorraine are willing to put in the extra work on the front end, and do whatever it takes to reach new levels of success, is what ensures what we do is going to have high return on time invested.

My success is not just dependent on the course or Lorraine, but she molded me to become the person I am today. I’m constantly improving so that I’m able to consistently deliver tremendous value to the marketplace that other people can’t.

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