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Who is Nima Momeni and What is His Criminal Act

Nima Momeni is an American who was born in the United States of America and is known as the owner of the technology company known as Expand IT. The name of Nima Momeni was highlighted as a criminal because he stabbed Bon Lee who was known to be the founder of the Cash App on the spot where there was complete silence in San Francisco.

According to the information available on the LinkedIn account of Nima Momeni, his home was situated in the Bay Area which is in Emeryville situated in California which is located just north of Oakland. Nima Momeni is known to have a net worth which was around $2 million. 

History of Nima Momeni

Nima Momeni is known to be the founder of a tech company named Expert IT and was further noted to be the criminal person who stabbed the founder of Cash App Bob Lee who was born on 21st January in the year 1985. The hometown of Nima Momeni Emeryville is located in California in the United States.

He had a family that included only two members, his parent whose name was Mahnaz Tayarani Babai who used to take care of him and his sibling. The name of his sibling is Hhazar Momeni. The religion that was followed by Nima Momeni is the Christian Religion and had the Nationality of America.

Nima Momeni is a well-educated man who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and is known to be the Former tech Consultant and the founder of the Information technology company named Expand IT. 

Personality of Nima Momeni

When the police were investigating the lifestyle of Nima Momeni, they found some information about him after talking to his neighbor. As he used to live in Emeryville, one of the neighbors mentioned that Nima Momeni was a polite natural person with a warm personality and also a very kind welcoming personality.

When the police continued the investigation with the other neighbor, he got a bad-natured impression related to Nima Momeni who expressed that he was a Daily Beast who used to keep several guns and knives in his apartment located in Emeryville and had super interest in the weapons.

Nima Momeni is described as a tough man who used to do training all the time and had a super interest in weapons and the collection of guns and knives that he used to store in the Emeryville apartment and called that apartment a bachelor-pad apartment.

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Career Pursued by Nima Momeni

Nima Momeni is a well-educated and well-established person from California who graduated from the University of California. He is known to be a tech entrepreneur who established his own company related to tech whose name was Expand IT.

At the beginning of his career, he worked as a Network Engineer at Marfic in 2005. Later, he switched to work as an IT Consultant at Coast Range IT. Further, he was satisfied here so he switched his company to Diablo IT where his work was to manage the IT operations. In the year 2010, he got to know about the company named Expand IT which offered a tech solution to all sorts of businesses whether small or big.

Being a person with a sharp mind and an educated background he had worked with industries that had different fields including healthcare, manufacturing, finances, and tech. He also showed his intelligence and determination with his expertise in the companies he had worked for before like Diablo IT, SPOC, and others. 

Why Nima Momeni Stabbed Lee

A 38-years-old-man Nima Momeni known to be the entrepreneur who established a company related to tech Expand IT came to be known by the public when he became the news for killing a person named Bob Lee who was the founder of the CashApp.

Why Nima Momeni Stabbed Lee

Bob Lee and Nima Momeni used to know each other and had graduated from the same university named University of California. Khazar Momeni who is known to be the Nima Momeni sister was the reason why Bob Lee was stabbed by Nima Momeni. The information related to the stabbing also became viral on the Twitter handle with the name of Nima Momeni twitter.

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Nima Momeni Sister and Bob Lee Casual Relationship

According to the sources and investigation done by the police, it came to the notice that Khazar Momeni and Bob Lee used to have a casual relationship which was part of an underground party circle which was called “The Lifestyle”. When Nima Momeni got to know about their relationship he got very upset and confronted this feeling of disliking this relationship status among Nima Momeni sister and his friend Bob Lee.

While Nima Momeni was confronting his thoughts to Bob Lee when they both were drinking with all their friends. This discussion between Nima and Bob Lee led to an argument that was quite big according to the people present there at that time. People responded in the investigation that they saw Bod who was denying any bad behavior and later added his point saying Nima Momeni sister was not on drugs.

Night of Bob Lee’s Being Stabbed

When the conversation between Nima Momeni and Bob Lee led to a big argument they both went to Nima Momeni sister house but separately and after discussing at her house, Momeni and Lee left her house together in Nima Momeni’s white car. The main reason for their relationship to be a problem was because Khazar was a married woman and this affair might cause a problem for everyone.

According to the prosecutor, the time when Nima Momeni and Bob Lee left Nima Momeni’s sister that is Khazar Momeni’s house was around 2 hours and 4 minutes at midnight. It was noted by the prosecutors that Nima Momeni drove the car and took the car to the silent place where he stabbed Bob Lee in his heart and stabbed him until he was dead.

Wrapping Up on Final Note

Nima Momeni was known to be a person who came to be known to the public after he attempted a crime by stabbing in the heart with a kitchen knife in a silent spot in San Francisco. The person who was stabbed was the founder of the Cash App and named Bob Lee because he was having an affair with Nima Momeni sister Khazar Momeni which started the party night. He was also sent to jail when he was selling a Switchblade in the year 2011 for 10 days. After attempting this he is still in jail and further remains in custody at the San Francisco Country Jail.

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