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India is one particular place where cricket is like religion. If anybody can perform remarkably well for this specific game of cricket, he or she becomes almost God for the Indian people. Virat Kohli is one of the legendary Indian cricket players. They performed well and did so many kinds of activities on the ground, making Indian people a great fan of him. There are so many things to know about him that will help you understand his personality and his cricketing ability in which he performs over the various Grounds of the world.

As a cricketer

  • As a cricketer, he has performed remarkably well in the various forms of the cricket. Virat Kohli has done very well in test cricket and scored so many fifties and centuries in this is the same format against Australia, England, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc. Not only this, but he also performed well as an Indian captain. He is leading the Indian cricket team in various formats like a test one day and T20 for almost the last decade.
  • He is also known as the most successful Indian captain who noticed maximum wins in the test and one dayside. That is why BCCI and other delegates from the Indian Cricket Council like him and wanted him to carry on as he has done in the past. However, some problems also occurred while his captaincy was many persons wanted him to leave the leading role of the Indian cricket team and Wanted another person to lead the side instead of Virat Kohli. Still, with his outstanding performance on the ground, he proved wrong almost everybody who criticize him for his leading ability.
  • The overall personality of Virat Kohli as a cricketer on the ground is very aggressive. It is known as a hot-headed person who gets provoked very easily by anybody who is not doing good behaviour with him. Virat Kohli, with his excellent aggression power Rebels to perform outstanding performance against the various opponent team, eventually we can say that aggression is almost a boon for him, making him her great cricketer who can compete against any country of the world.

Ipl career

  • As a T20 player, he is a very aggressive batsman who can score furiously over the cricket ground against any great bowler. He can score quickly against any particular team of the world, and that is why he is also considered the favourite IPL player by most of the sides of the IPL tournament.
  • Because of his excellent performance in the IPL, many teams wanted him to buy. However, Royal Challengers Bangalore manages to keep this great player in his squad and still, he is leading the side in the same group because of the Great efforts made by the delegates of the RCB who manages the team every year.
  • However, unfortunately, he cannot perform well as a captain and still waiting for his first IPL tournament victory. Many critics wanted him to change, but RCB Team Management still has great faith in him and thinks that he can perform well as a captain in the team and win the tournament in the upcoming IPL trophy.
  • Right from the beginning of his career in the IPL tournament, he is almost playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, and he is still part and parcel of the team because of his excellent performance over the ground and good relations with the team management and the players who are also playing for the same team every year.
  • In the IPL tournament, Virat Kohli is also known as the run machine who can score maximum runs over the ground against any particular bowler of any team. And that is the main reason for the Royal Challengers Bangalore to choose him as the captain of the same thing again and again and items that one day he will lift the IPL trophy with this and is it team good performance.

Anushka Sharma

Virat Kohli married Anushka Sharma, who is also a great Bollywood actress. Virat Kohli married her in the year 2018, and their life is running very smoothly, and the latest news about Virat Kohli is that he also becomes the father of a beautiful daughter. Unfortunately, many persons and critics blame Anushka Sharma for the lousy performance of Virat Kohli and claim that he cannot perform well just because of the Anushka Sharma. The latter disturbs his concentration over the ground many times.

But like a good husband, Virat Kohli always backs his wife Anushka Sharma and give the correct answers to the critics most of the time, which is a great thing as a human being for Virat Kohli.


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