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Although Netgear routers are leading the race when it comes to providing lag-free internet speed to users around the world, however – at times – users complain that their routers are becoming a bit sluggish. If your router is also becoming slow and not giving you the desired internet speed, then this piece of writing is what you need to check. Here, we have listed various troubleshooting tips that will help you enhance the speed of your Netgear router and let you make the most of your Netgear router setup . Let’s take the plunge!

Tips to Speed up Your WiFi

Power Cycle Your Router

Like humans, electronic devices also need some rest. To get the job done, you can power cycle your router. This can be done by simply disconnecting your router from all the connected devices and then unplugging it from its power socket. Once you feel that you have given enough time to your WiFi router for reviving its performance, then plug it back into its outlet and check if it enhanced the performance of your router or not.

Update Firmware

The next trick you can try to boost the performance of your router is to update its firmware to the latest software version. Updating Netgear router firmware is not rocket science. You can do this by logging into your router via routerlogin web address. While updating the firmware of your device, however, make sure you update it according to the number of your router’s model. Because a wrong firmware version (if updated) can make your device non-performing.

Change Location

Changing your router’s location may also help you speed up your WiFi. It has been found that if a WiFi router is placed near devices emitting radio waves, it will not be able to deliver its best performance. Therefore, if your router is also placed nearby such things, consider keeping it at bay from them. Apart from that, while locating your router; make sure you don’t place it inside a cabinet or under a table. It is always better to place a WiFi router in the central location of a home and that too in an open area. This way, your router will broadcast WiFi signals to all areas of your home in an equal manner.

Change Default Password

You might be wondering that how changing the password of your router can help you enhance its performance. Well, understand it! If the default password of your router is not changed, your device can be accessed by anyone without any hassle. This will not only hamper the performance of your router but also lead to the leeching of your important data. Thus, without any further delay, consider changing the password of your router by accessing the setup wizard. While changing the password of your device, keep in mind to choose a simple yet hard-to-crack password. It would be an add-on if you can include special characters, digits, and numbers to the password.

Switch to Less Crowded Channel

Last but not least, you can enhance the performance of your WiFi router by selecting a channel that is less crowded. You can do this by logging in to your router and then accessing the Settings of your device. While selecting the WiFi channel, make sure you choose the one that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, if your router supports both. This way you will be able to give your router some space and your device will return the back in the form of high-speed internet access.

Wrapping Up

It is expected that after implementing the tips given in the article, your router will give its optimal performance. Just in case something is still bothering you, let us know the same in the comments section. Perhaps, we can solve your router-related issues.

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