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App Store Optimization

App Store Optimisation means optimising your app to increase visibility on mobile app stores like Google Play Store for Android and AppStore for Apple. Increased visibility implies that you will gain a higher rank that may boost your CTR. With the help of App Store Optimisation services, the benefits you can gain are:

  • Higher visibility
  • More number of downloads
  • More number of active users
  • More number of reviews

Why Is App Store Optimization Important?

Since several new apps are being published every day, the competition to make your app rank on any app stores has risen by a fair margin. Therefore, to stay at the top of any app store, you will have to look after what the user needs. Thus, App Store Optimization and mobile app marketing become an essential factor. Achieving a higher rank was easier a few years ago, but now there are several factors that you have to consider while optimising your app.

Six Factors To Consider While Optimising An App

1. Know Your User And User Needs

When you create an app and people start to use it, you will have to evaluate who those people are that use your app frequently. For instance, consider answering the following questions like:

  • Who is using this app?
  • Why are they interested in your app?
  • Why should they use your app more than your competitors?.

All these questions can be answered by looking at age, gender, and geography of most of your app users.

2. Use The Right App Name And Title

Choosing the right name to your app is possibly one of the best mobile app marketing methods. It can help your app achieve a higher rank because people generally search for the apps when they need it. And if your app has an apt name that relates to what they’re looking for, there you go! Your app ranks in the top 5 with ease.

A good title could also provide a lot of help in ASO. Including keywords in your title can increase your rating by almost 10%. For instance, if you have made a video an editing app, you can include words like, “editor” video”, “customise” in the title of your app. Another aspect to note is that different app stores have different algorithms, Google Play Store allows you to include tags up to 50 characters, whereas the Apple App Store limits up to 30 characters. Therefore, you will have to adjust your title accordingly.

3. Use Keywords For ASO

If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization, then you will know the power of keywords. Keywords play an important role in App Store Optimisation. Using the right keywords in your app listing with descriptive keywords can quickly give you a higher rank as well as higher search volume. Search volume is an indicator of the number of searches of a particular keyword. Higher the search volume, more popular is the keyword. There are many tools to know about search volume. The best you can use is  Google’s monthly search volume to get a rough figure of what people are majorly searching for and what keywords you can focus on.

4. Add A Catchy Description

The app description is what people read before installing an app. It has a limit of 4000 words. Thus, you will have to describe your app in the best possible way in 4000 words so that it attracts users just as they read it. You can highlight the unique and new features of your app in the description. Making appropriate bullet points about the app will help too. You can try to use emojis and you can make the description livelier. Don’t forget to add keywords. Add a video of your app and features. This will help you attract more people since people generally watch the video about your app and install it.

5. Create A Meaningful App Icon

Your app icon is a visual representation of your app. That is why it is essential to choose a unique icon that reaches the target customers. The icon selected must differentiate your app from that of your competitor’s. It will be best if your icon can project the main feature of your app. For example, use a camera icon for a photo editing app.

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6. Encourage Reviews And Update Frequently

You can’t control reviews, but the best you can do is to encourage your user to provide a review of your app. Taking examinations can help you optimise your app from the user’s point of view. Updating your app to provide better and improved versions will help it get a higher rank automatically.


The best time to start ASO is today! Optimise your app and get a higher ranking on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Do not forget to checkout Techmagnate, they offer one of the best App Store Optimisation services in India.

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