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The use of VPN service has recently been embraced by more and more entrepreneurs, but also by individuals, as a solution to guarantee online privacy. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. There are now more than 300 providers of VPN services for the internet, which indicates how popular a VPN has now become. For people who does not exactly know what a VPN is, the concept then evokes the image of a kind of virus scanner. A scanner that prevents you from becoming a victim of cyber criminals on the Internet or prevents from malware and viruses packaged in emails. But a VPN is much more than this. In this article we explain what a Virtual Private Network is, how these types of systems work and why more and more internet users are choosing to work with a VPN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): definition & operation

A Virtual Private Network is basically a system that makes it possible to use the internet completely anonymously, and therefore completely safe. When someone who has a VPN connects to the Internet, the computer first connects to a secure server. This then ensures the rapid forwarding of the internet user to the desired website. Via a public server, serving as an intermediate station, the IP address of the person using this system cannot be intercepted or traced by anyone. Thus, a hermetically sealed network is created via VPN between a company or private computer on one hand, and a general server on the other. This network, provided by a VPN of good quality, cannot possibly be hacked by internet criminals. The online privacy of the computer user is thus guaranteed.

Why more and more internet users are opting for a VPN

One of the main reasons why the use of VPN for online privacy has boomed in recent years is the surge of cybercrime. Internet criminals have become increasingly smarter in recent years and know exactly how to find the weak spots of internet users. VPN guarantees 100 percent online privacy and ensures that you cannot be traced by third parties on the digital highway. Especially for companies, internet shops, large web shops and people with their own website, this security is of great importance. You no longer have to worry that your data, such as customer data and sensitive company data, will be leaked or fall into the hands of people with bad intentions. A second advantage of a Virtual Private Network is that you prevent your IP address or e-mail details from being known to others. This prevents you from receiving all kinds of malware, viruses, spam, and phishing via the internet. Not all VPNs offer this service. You are anonymous online anyway but opt ​​for an advanced VPN that also filters spam and malware well from online information. Third, by taking a VPN, you can use 100 percent safe (public) networks. Think of internationally known websites that require login details, such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter,, etcetera. Nowadays you have to be careful on which sites. With the android free internet hack, you can enjoy surfing online without data or wifi

you do or do not create an account with, because before you know it your IP address or e-mail address will be on a list of someone who does not want the best for you. With a VPN you can get rid of this uncertainty quickly and immediately. A fourth advantage of VPN is also more than attractive. With a VPN you no longer suffer from censorship and control by governments. In countries like North Korea or China, the government unceremoniously tracks what citizens are doing on the internet. This surveillance is a gross violation of online privacy. With a Virtual Private Network, you get rid of this. Finally, online privacy is also nice because of the frequent use of Google. Google registers a lot of personal data via their own search engine. This leads to annoying advertisements that appear on your screen at the most unwanted moments. Consider, for example, unwanted spam via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

Also protect yourself through a reliable & reputable VPN system

So, there is plenty of benefits for those who strive for online privacy. Look at the VPN systems available today: For example, NordVPN one the most popular VPN’s in the world. And now be amazed at the peace that a Virtual Private Network can give you!

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