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Marketing is now a big part of most careers. If you are considering gaining a qualification in this industry, here is what you need to know about the subjects you will study, the careers your qualification can lead to, and examples of how to use marketing in the real world.

What you will learn

If you study an Online Master’s in Marketing with Emerson College, you can choose from three specializations, depending on the career path you want to pursue. Digital marketing is the core subject of this qualification, and you can opt for content strategy, marketing analytics, or social media and digital PR alongside this.

You will be able to graduate within 15 months and you can complete all your coursework online. The course topics include brand storytelling, web and social media analytics, using tools such as Google Analytics and HubSpot, and learning to understand the motivations and behavior of your customers. This will prepare you for whichever role you choose after graduation.

The core subject of digital marketing will teach you how to plan and carry out a full marketing campaign. You will learn which approaches to use to appeal to your target audience online. As this is where most people either shop or discover products, it is an important part of marketing.

The careers your master’s can lead to

It helps to have some idea of which type of marketing career you are interested in, so you can choose what to specialize in. Here are a few of the careers you could pursue.

Social media marketing

If you want to work in social media marketing, you might opt for the social media and digital PR certificate.

This will teach you how to market on social media, using HubSpot and Hootsuite, and utilizing a variety of mediums including blogs, podcasts, and emails to reach your audience.

If you choose this career, you could be responsible for creating the social media marketing strategy for your organization, designing GIFs, creating paid advertisements, and interacting with customers. Your goals will include increasing and retaining followers, increasing site traffic, and tracking results. This analysis will show you which aspects of your strategy are working, and which need to be improved or changed.

Media buyer

Your master’s degree will also help you pursue a career as a media buyer. Your role will be to buy advertising space in the media. This also involves creating media advertising goals, price negotiations with media management teams, and communicating with professionals in other industries.

You will need strong negotiation skills, critical thinking, and a good analytical mindset. Your master’s will help you develop the skills to prepare you.


You could also pursue a career as a copywriter. Although you do not need a degree for this, the qualification can make you a better copywriter and give you the skills to stand out from others working in this industry without professional qualifications.

The salary varies depending on your experience and the company you work for. Alternatively, you could go freelance and increase your earnings by taking on more work and at a higher pay to out-earn an employer’s pay.

Specializing in content strategy could be a good option if you want to work as a copywriter. This will show you how to apply your marketing skills to create an effective content strategy. You will also learn how to create engaging content and adapt this for different platforms and audiences.

Graphic designer

If you already have graphic design skills, your qualification can help you pursue a marketing-focused career in graphic design. This could help you stand out from other candidates when applying for work as a graphic designer. Your master’s in marketing will show you how to communicate effectively with your target audience and new customers when designing marketing graphics.

This is another career path where you have the potential to earn more by working freelance.

Working in ecommerce

If you wish to work in a marketing role in ecommerce, your qualification can help you gain important insights into consumers and how to effectively market products to them.

The skills you develop will help you increase traffic to the online store, understand customer’s purchases, and derive ways to convince them to buy, as well as understanding their reasons for leaving without making a purchase.

You might choose to specialize in marketing analytics if you are interested in a career in ecommerce.

Examples of how marketing is used

Marketing can be used in a variety of ways. The course can prepare you for a career which focuses on understanding and reaching an audience, to either sell a product to them, or persuade them to follow or interact with your company in some other way.

Some examples of how marketing is used effectively in the real world include the way Spotify uses an algorithm which takes playlists that users listen to, then creates suggestions for tracks and artists based on these. Although many people listen to these for free with ads in-between the music, discovering new music keeps them listening for longer. Spotify increases their revenue through the higher number of ads they play to customers who listen for longer.

Nike is another example of a company using effective marketing. They created the slogan ’Just Do It’ to encourage customers to purchase sportswear to be more athletic. Although this extends beyond those who participate in sports, and their marketing also appeals to fashion-conscious consumers when purchasing everyday clothes. This gives them two target audience groups; those who aim to be more active, and those who want to be fashionable.

Your master’s in marketing will help you put what you learn into practice in real-life marketing campaigns, creating slogans, using AI technology to reach and understand your audience, and so much more. It can lead to many different careers and equip you to understand behaviors and motivations, which is a sought-after skill. 

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