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Businesses globally are busy integrating biometric time attendance technology into their workforce management practices and everyday activities. Those who have managed to do that successfully are already enjoying the benefits.

Biometric time attendance provides end users with increased levels of security and a convenient identification way that is simply not found via other techniques. A blend of biometric identification and a workforce management solution has its benefits.

From acting as a timesheet fraud prevention solution to increasing productivity, biometric attendance technology has already proven to be a cost-effective innovation. Let’s read on to unearth more.

Eradicates Time Theft

One way through which a biometric time attendance technology saves money and resources for businesses is by eliminating time fraud or theft. This issue costs businesses billions of dollars per year. Depending on security cameras, personal identification numbers, or barcode swipe cards to thwart worker time fraud are less effective solutions.

This is true when you compare their performance against that of biometric systems. A biometric time attendance provides a robust audit trail and accurate employee time and attendance tracking. A biometric time attendance system identifies a person based on their unique body parts or credentials that cannot be:

  • Altered
  • Easily cloned
  • Guessed
  • Forgotten
  • Lost

That means time theft can be completely eradicated with a biometric time attendance solution since workers must be present physically in order to clock in and out.

Greater Return on Investment

Your business can achieve fast ROI by reducing issues caused by loopholes and inaccuracies of traditional time and attendance solutions. Biometric employee authentication saves HR working hours by offering data electronically and instantly.

This effectively eliminates the time needed to manually calculate overtime and work hours. It helps eliminate the practice of maintaining manual time and attendance records. Also, biometric time attendance systems help reduce administrative costs by:

  • Replacing stolen/lost ID cards
  • Eradicating the need to reset worker passwords, saving information technology full-time equivalents
  • Reducing staff overhead

Increased Productivity

When you combine a biometric time attendance solution with a workforce management system, you’ll improve employee productivity. This solution massively speeds up the process of gathering time and attendance records. When done manually, it can be a massive drain of resources. And what is more?

A biometric time attendance system enables business owners to provide automatic time sheets and employment history with a few clicks. This reduces the amount of time spent on tracking worker hours. When workers know that they are being monitored, they deliver to the best of their abilities, meaning increased productivity.

A biometric time attendance system brings efficiency to workplaces and reduces employee relations issues by offering an unmatched ability to capture real-time workforce data accurately and quickly. Want to enjoy the cost-effective benefits of this digital solution? Partner with the right provider.

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