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Why Buy Full Spectrum CBD Oil Rather Than the AlternativesHemp oil, Medical marijuana products including cannabis leaf, cbd and hash oil, alternative medicine

When you go searching online for CBD products, it won’t be long before you come across the term ‘Full Spectrum CBD Oil’, which sounds pretty impressive. That said, do you actually know what it is and why you should opt for it over the alternatives? Well, that’s what we’re going to look at in this blog and by reading to the end, you’ll know what’s what.

First of all, though, for the purposes of this article, we should just explain that the main alternative to full spectrum CBD oil is CBD isolate. So, now we’ve cleared that up, let’s get stuck in to find out why the former is better than the latter.

So, What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil Exactly?

Essentially, full spectrum CBD contains all of the naturally-occurring types of cannabinoid that exists in the raw plant matter that CBD is created from. Conversely, CBD isolate contains just one type of cannabidiol. So, now that we’ve explained the ‘what?’, let’s take a look at the ‘why?’.

When many different types of CBD exist in the oil that you’re taking (and at last count, there were 113 different types in existence), they combine to become bigger than the sum of their parts. The entourage effect is something that causes each type of cannabinoid to amplify others and that’s something you just don’t get with CBD isolates.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Means a Highly Potent Product

CBD isolates are effective in their own way, so we’re not saying that they’re not useful to the body and mind. It’s just that they don’t offer the same amplified effect as full spectrum CBD oil, which means that the body and mind support that they provide isn’t as compounded and effective as its full spectrum counterpart.

For this reason, when you purchase CBD oil online, you should be looking for full spectrum varieties and at the very least, broad spectrum CBD, as you won’t get quite as much support otherwise. You’ll find that most of the high-quality brands come this way as standard.

Get Your Full Spectrum CBD Oil from a Reputable Source

So, there you have it. Full-spectrum CBD is simply more effective than isolates because of the entourage effect and the fact that you’ll get more of the health-supporting qualities that you need for good health. A good way to ensure that you get a good quality full spectrum CBD oil is to purchase yours from a company that cares about your health as much as you do.

At Easy Day Hemp, they’re a company with extremely high standards, due in no small part to the fact that they’re owned and run by Navy SEALs. If you would like to take a look at their full range of broad and full-spectrum CBD products, simply head over to their website There you’ll find a selection of products to suit all needs and requirements.

Thanks for reading. We hope that you found our blog useful that you’ll never accept anything other than full spectrum CBD oil for your mind and body.

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