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Have you ever wondered where the cosmetics that make up your beauty routine come from? We have!

Europe has abundant skin-friendly and undeniable expertise in cosmetics. So why go to the ends of the earth to find what we know so well how to do at home?

Today, we give you three good reasons to choose local cosmetics:

  1. Made in Europe vs local cosmetics, what’s the difference?
  2. Buy local to protect the environment
  3. Buy local to support local agriculture

It is the same for CBD cosmetics. The best way to ensure you have the best products and benefits is to use cosmetics made with legal European CBD.

First things first: Made Europe Europe cosmetics vs local cosmetics, what’s the difference?

Therefore, the Made in Europe indication needs to give more information about the origin of its ingredients and raw materials. On the other hand, local cosmetics generally involve products manufactured in Europe and raw materials harvested mainly in Europe. So be careful not to be fooled by these terms.

For example, we don’t just produce our skincare products in Europe; we also favour formulas with as many European ingredients as possible. For our organic firming gummies in particular, we’ve chosen to move away from cane sugar, which is generally produced in South America, to make more room for organic beet sugar grown in mainland Europe near our products.

So keep in mind that consuming Made in Europe products is excellent for all the following reasons, but consuming local cosmetics is even better!

Buying local to protect the environment

Consuming local cosmetics means reducing the distance between you and the place where your products are produced, using less fuel and producing less CO2. 

Consuming cosmetics using ingredients produced on the other side of the world means transporting them by lorry, boat and, above all, plane, which increases air and water pollution, impacts biodiversity, road traffic and so on.

Therefore, Reducing transport reduces our carbon footprint and limits the time between harvesting and production, guaranteeing fresher raw materials of better quality.

Buying local to support local agriculture

If you already know us, you’ll undoubtedly know that at Cultiv, supporting European agriculture is at the heart of our project.

In Europe, we are fortunate to have genuine agricultural know-how and world-renowned expertise in the cosmetics sector. 

Cosmetics brands that use organic ingredients of European origin contribute to the country’s economic activity and boost their region’s economy. These companies are supporting the farming world amid a crisis and promoting ancient know-how that is essential to our daily lives. They can even help to revive crops that are in decline. For example, borage (used in particular in face creams) is once again being grown in Europe, whereas most have been relocated to China. On the other hand, Chicory is a little-known plant in Europe, even though our country is the world’s leading producer. So it would have been a shame not to exploit its skin-softening and protective properties!

Why use CBD-based cosmetics?

Today, some cosmetic products contain CBD, a molecule found in cannabis. More than just a fashion phenomenon, these products can become a natural beauty ally thanks to their soothing and repairing properties.

Hemp – the cannabis plant – has been used by humans since the Stone Age. Hemp fibre is very resistant, so it was used to make ropes or clothing, but also for its medicinal virtues and soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Today, we know that the soothing properties come from the CBD inside. But at the time, we didn’t know. It was empirical.

Once again, using local and European CBD products and CBD online stores such as is better. This is the best way to find CBD oils and other CBD flowers online, but there are better ways to obtain European products and the best quality.

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