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Magento development services

Ecommerce has become a necessity today. If you are a traditional businessman running an offline retail shop, a wholesale store, or a local brand, online selling is the only option left to conserve your business in today’s competitive market with raging price war.

However, with so many eCommerce platforms to choose from, making the right choice and establishing an online shop that meets your requirements and budget can be overwhelming. Therefore, moving with a trusted platform is a smart decision.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) is gaining massive popularity these days. With popular brands like Nestle, Ford, Jaguar, etc., opting for Magento development services from trusted Adobe partner agencies, this platform has become a preferred option for eCommerce development in 2022.

Companies of all sizes, whether startups, medium-scale, or enterprise-grade, can benefit from Adobe Commerce (Magento) without pushing hard on their budgets.

So, are you excited to know why Magento is a solid option for you to kick start your eCommerce journey? Let’s go.

Affordable for everyone

Affordability is one of the prime factors for choosing Magento. Adobe offers its CMS in 2 editions – Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. The community edition is an open-source version that is free to download and use. It offers a basic suite of features to help you set up a decent eCommerce store. While the enterprise edition is for companies with a big budget and broad requirements. It demands a license fee at the cost of premium features, a dedicated server, Magento support from officials, and other paid functionalities.

Multi-storefront support

This is another most popular reason for Magento’s popularity. The platform is ideal for companies looking to establish a multi-store strategy for their eCommerce. It enables merchants to operate many stores from a single dashboard. It further allows adding products to several shops in one go, which is efficient and easy. The platform eliminates the overall business complexity and enhances productivity.

Excellent Performance

Magento is a true-core beast when it comes to performance. Built on a high-performance PHP Symfony framework, it enhances a webshop’s loading speed, query processing power, and other multi-core business operations. Being a popular Adobe product, it frequently receives performance optimization updates from its original creators, while you may also visit Magento’s official community to get exclusive information and performance optimization tips.

Huge Community of Developers

Since Magento has a dedicated community edition, Adobe has formulated official Magento forums having more than 0.5 million members contributing to the platform’s success. The Magento community comprises diversified talent from across the globe. You may hire Magento 2 developer as well from there if you want. However, we’d advise taking the community as a spot for technical inspiration and hire developers only from Adobe Partner Agencies.

SEO-Friendly CMS

Adobe understands the value of search engine rankings. Thus, it has designed Magento 2 as an SEO-friendly CMS. The platform inherits impressive features that allow you to create and automate your regular SEO activities, such as URL construction, sitemap generation, meta content creation, keyword research, core-web-vitals tracking, plagiarism detector, etc. In addition to all these built-in avail-abilities, you may also explore dedicated extensions for each purpose in Adobe’s Magento marketplace.

Responsive Design

Having a decent eCommerce webshop will not benefit if it is not responsive to multiple device resolutions. Research from Hubspot tells that more than 87% of eCommerce shoppers are mobile users, making it mandatory for your online web shop to be mobile responsive. The good thing is that Magento is designed to output fully-responsive websites that automatically adapts to changing resolutions. Whether your customers access your webshop on their iPhone, a laptop, a full-screen desktop, or a big-screen OLED television, they won’t observe any issue from your Magento site in loading or responding to their inputs.

Security & Encryption

Acknowledging the rising number of cyber-attacks and digital penetration cases post-Pandemic, Adobe has increased the layers of security in its open-source eCommerce CMS. Magento supports robust security encryption walls and advanced features like 2-factor authentication, XSS prevention, CSS forgery, etc., to keep your webshop and customers’ data safe from cyberpunks. You may even get these security features customized as per your requirements. Simply hire Magento 2 developer from a reputed Adobe partner agency, and leave the rest on to that professional.

The Last advice

Magento is sure-shot an incredible platform to start an eCommerce journey in 2022. Not because it offers a great range of features and value at a reasonable price, but because it is backed by Adobe – A trusted brand with more than 40 years of industry reputation.

If this blog post has influenced you in considering Magento development services for your eCommerce webshop, we’d advise you to connect with only an Adobe partner agency having certified Magento 2 developers on staff.

Rest, all the best for your eCommerce game. Have a big one 👍

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