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React JS is best for UI Web development as it allows you to use React templates. Templates make the development process ten times easier. This is not, however, the only reason why many web developers are switching to React JS. 

There are many benefits to using React JS for your development projects.

If you are looking for the best tool for front-end user Interface web development, React JS would be your best bet.

It allows you to be open and creative to efficiently build your website. It allows you to add whatever component you see fit. The option of using react templates makes UI web development easier, so you can instead focus on the coding side of web development.

What is React JS?

For those of you who are new to programming, the JS in React JS stands for Javascript. React JS is a Javascript library that was created and is currently owned by Meta. 

React JS is a one-stop solution for all your front-end web development needs. It helps you build interactive user interfaces for blogs, landing pages, admin dashboards, etc.

Why Choose React JS

According to statistics React JS is the most popular web framework among developers. Besides that React JS is a framework that allows you to use templates. 

These react templates make your job as a web developer much easier. You can download free and premium react templates and start using for your next web development project.

You can make tweaks and adjustments to your heart’s content, or leave the template’s default features as they are. This way, you can put more effort into the coding end of things.

What are React templates & Why is it Widely Used?

React Templates are themes that have pre-made components like dashboards, menus, signs, etc. You can use them as they are or modify them to fit your needs.

They are a great first step to building the perfect User Interface. These react templates make your job as a web developer much easier. You can buy best selling react templates & themes from wrappixel now. 

Benefits of Using React JS

You must be wondering if there are other frameworks like React JS. Well, there certainly are, but React JS stands out to be the best for having several benefits.  It is used by many mainstream platforms some of which include Netflix, PayPal, Facebook, and Walmart. So, without any further do let’s see the benefits of using React JS.

Gets the Job Done Fast:

React JS is one of the best JavaScript Frameworks out there because of how fast it is to use even when you avoid any shortcuts. It allows you to write code or make changes to your code without compromising on the logic of the application.


It’s the perfect framework for both beginner and professional web developers. It is quite easy to operate, and only requires some basic knowledge about Javascript.

It is a very useful tool for web developers who do not like fussing around too much and want to instead focus on the back-end of web development. The quality of the interactive websites you’re able to develop with such ease is an added bonus!

You can Reuse the components:

When we say that React JS saves time and effort, we really mean it. It was created with the younger generation in mind. They understood that younger web developers will not have the patience to write code for the same feature over and over again.

This is why React JS offers reusable components, once you have written for one component, you can reuse that component elsewhere without writing new code.

Helps you Build Interactive UIs:

What is the point of creating an app/website that is boring? It will not attract an audience, even if it succeeds in doing so, it is quite unlikely for them to stay on your website/app.

The creators of React JS understood the value of an attractive and interactive User Interface. They designed React JS to allow you to build high-quality, user interfaces. Interactive apps and websites attract traffic, so this aspect helps in the overall SEO-friendliness of your website/app. 


Speaking of SEO-friendliness, React JS is recommended. This is because according to Moz “page loading speed” and “rendering” is one of the major ranking factors. React JS is the fastest when it comes to loading speed and rendering.

Also, according to the study an average user doesn’t wait any longer than 3 seconds for your website to load. If your website is taking longer than 3 seconds of loading time then you could probably lose around 70% of your clients.

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