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The business world has evolved to a time when activities rely on internet connectivity for finesse outcomes. Suppose you operate a construction site developing newly built homes, you need reliable construction site WiFi solutions.

Modern WiFi offers worthwhile connectivity solutions for construction sites and is designed to be cost-effective. A typical home development organisation would depend on a reliable construction site WiFi access that allows multiple connectivity, turbo-fast networking, and flexibility.

Of course, reliable WiFi does not only speed up the construction task; it promotes refined outcomes through enhanced workforce communication. With that in mind, why exactly do construction sites need reliable WiFi access when developing newly built homes?

Flexible Installations

WiFi at construction sites are typically wireless; thus, your company does not need the rigid installation of wired internet lines. Moreover, uninstallations can be challenging after project completion.

Wireless WiFi at construction sites features no dug trenches and cables that are convoluted. In this regard, broadband services speed up to the licensing requirements. Since wireless installation is less complicated, the company saves installation costs.

Connect Multiple Staff

While building new homes, construction site WiFi solutions help to connect multiple staff for easy communications. Some WiFi services allow at least 25 connections per router without critical warning. It also eliminates the need to shell out on many hardware.

Furthermore, depending on your organisation’s size, between 1 and 3 routers may be enough to keep employees connected. A typical reliable provider provides room for expansion to more enterprise-level routers if the business demand increases.

Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has come to stay, and its contribution to building sites is unquestionable. For instance, before the debut of WiFi at construction sites, construction companies typically ran and saved CAD software to the desktop. Even onsite architectural engineering designs ended up in the local desktop with only one authorised access. When workers and contractors have to refer to the design, they visit the site office or request the desktop to be sent to them to access the plans.

Today, cloud technology or cloud hosting brings mobility that supports cloud-based CAD software services. Every worker or contractor can access engineering designs and view plans comfortably. If there is an option for download, contractors or workers can download the file to their smartphones or computers for 24/7 access.

Turbo-Fast Internet

Slow internet entails slow work at the building site. Contractors, employees and the employer will find it challenging to communicate and implement decisions faster. Also, if your company relies on wired lines, one damaged cable seizes communication.

Most WiFi providers guarantee unlimited fibre-speed broadband that hastens communication throughout the development.

Advanced Business Phones

Phones are essential for voice communications at the building site. Contemporary UK construction site WiFi providers include feature-rich business phones for professional communications and inbound solutions.

 Feature-rich business phones do not only refine communication; it boosts marketing and sales performance. You can rely on them to deliver efficient ad campaigns to clients and trade faster.

IT Assistance

When you contract a reliable WiFi service provider, they manage your IT resources. Additional services may include onsite setup and provision of sales office devices. Most providers offer live chats with customer care, easy-to-understand self-service resources online, and social media chats. You may have options to give feedback on your provider’s services for improvements.

Automated Security

Following an article from BFM Magazine, a recent Allianz Cornhill statistic indicates that theft in the UK construction site costs £800 million yearly.

Whether your company stations security personnel or not, intruders always have a way of getting in, especially at night. Automated security is vital because the security personnel may not be awake all night to confront or chase after thieves.

IP CCTV could stream and forward videos and images over the WiFi to the security team in a concealed room. It also cuts the company’s cost and simplifies the security of the construction site.

Mobile and Reusable

A construction site is not rigid, changes can arrive at any time, and the project is temporary. Wired connections make uninstallations challenging while WiFi simplifies the task and introduces adaptability. Since businesses evolve with time, you need flexible WiFi solutions that are reliable and mobile. It could be moveable within the facility and outside the facility.

As mentioned earlier, construction projects are not permanent. When the project is completed, it is easier to move your portable WiFi solutions to the storage unit or a new building site. Of course, it is easy to set up at the new site with a few plugs and clicks.


Wired lines are not resilient when compared to wireless counterparts. If the new home building site is porous and contains many holes, it is challenging to get cables across for communication.

Moreover, the heavy-duty machines may drop on the cables; thereby causing data or communication loss. It might take longer to find and fix the fault, which delays the project.

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